Falling in Love

Chapter 1 : The First Meet


        The Engineering University of India (EUI) is the most renowned University in India.Only students who secured the best score in school were admitted here. One takes privilege in saying that he/she belongs to EUI.

        It was a lovely friday morning. The breeze of air in EUI made everyone feel how worthy it is to be alive on this wonderful planet. It was the first time when Harry met Ishani. Harry is a fourth year Computer Science and Engineering student at EUI and was a topper of his batch. Ishani was also a fourth year student of the Civil engineering department in the same institution and was a topper too! She was transferred here during her third year because of her father's choice.

        It was 9 am in the morning and the classes were about to start in 5 minutes. Ishani was looking for a place to park her scooty. After a long search she finally found a space for parking.Before she could squeeze her vehicle in the available space, Harry parked his bike there. "Hey!! I found this place first??? It is mine ..take off your bike freak!!!",she yelled. "How dare you speak to me like this?.Find yourself another place!", he replied without noticing her and was about to leave the place . "Let me see her face once, I must see to whom this arrogance belongs to!", he thought.

        Harry gently turned his face towards her and was greatly astonished by the beauty of her. The kajal and eyeliner on her eyes, the glows on her cheeks, the balm on her lips , her milky white skin and the earrings she wore ,made her even more beautiful as a whole."Why haven't I seen her all these days at EUI??", he wondered.

       Having less time before the start of the classes, Harry ran to his class , turning back and staring at Ishani. Meanwhile Ishani was totally devastated by his behaviour and searched for another place to park her vehicle.She was obviously late for her classes.

        The whole day Harry couldn't concentrate on his classes. Everything that was on his mind was about the new girl he met that day. Her boldness and beauty moved him.He wanted to know everything about her. Confused by his strange behaviour his best friends Lilly and Syed asked him what happened. Harry told them everything that happened the day morning.

        "So,finally the great nerd Harry has fallen in love;that too love at first sight!", Syed mocked ."Don't worry Harry! show me the girl,I'll give you her history",Lilly said happily."Hey guys ! Stop. I don't love her, I just kind of like her that's it.Please do not exaggerate this ", Harry pleaded. "Oh! Is it.Just show me the girl ", Lilly said and the three headed towards the canteen.

        Lilly,Syed and Harry became best friends when they met in college during the first year.Lilly and Syed are deeply in love with each other.Harry had feelings for Lilly too in the beginning but when Syed said Harry about his feelings for Lilly, Harry kept what he felt to himself and now Harry sees Lilly as a best friend! 

        Being the topper of their batch, Harry got a call from the administrative office stating that there would be an academic award ceremony by 4:00 pm that day. Harry replied he'd be there.His friends congratulated him. But Harry didn't seem to be interested about what was going on there.He kept thinking of the scooty girl and cursed himself for being like this. He badly needed diversion but sadly didn't get any!




Shruti Padmakumar

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