Fated To be a Lord's Mate

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In the Dark Forest___

Small Emily is running through a dark valley of a forest . While running some small memory of betrayed, love , friendship was flashing through her mind ...... She is running Fast very fast with her small feet, her dried tear stain was still there on her cheek.

     But suddenly she tripped over a branch and fall down, Emily tried to get up again but it is of no use she again fell down. Her all body was paining Like her body has sucked up all her energy.  
At that time Two shadow approch behind her she turned her head  just to found that two men standing behind her wearing a long black coat and they have a red eyes which is shining.

By seeing them Little Emily frozed in a spot. She can't even screamed because of shock it is like that the word she want to speak was stucked in her throat. She is in verge of having a blackout ..... but suddenly her body was releasing a huge amount of light and power

then suddenly.... suddenly....

ding.... ding....ding...

Emily Jones woke up panting hard, by hearing a alarm clock. she was sweating a lot ....yes she is having a dream ....

Emiley Pov°°°°

It Almost 8 year I am having a same dream, Like  this dream is trying to say something to me.

On the other side___

Jack Peterberg wake up sweating and panting heavily .....

Jack Pov°°°°
Why I am having a same dream, It almost 8 year now. I kown, at that it was my fault I so was scared that I didn't help her and I don't even know  where is she now. Is she is alive or dead ?  

This Guilt is eating me for 8 years know Why I have not even tried to save her. As a future Werewolf Lord its my duty to save her but I failed .

"Its not your Fault your highness you were still small back then" his delta Roberet said

"Robert did you catch him" Jack asked

"Yes Lord He is in Peterberg Company"

"Then lets go to human world to settel some private business with that bastard"

"Yes Lord"

                       To be Continued......


Edited: 06.08.2020

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