Forbidden Passion

Chapter One

“Hurry up Celine! They are here!”. The chief maid Dorathy informed her, sounding impatient. You’ve been doing this for hours!”.

“I’m done. Celine said and carried her cleaning tools out of the room. I’m sorry Dora.”

“Sorry for yourself. Dora hissed. Why are you sweating like this? Wasn’t the AC on?”.

“I was cold so I put it off. She said. 

Dora grunted in exasperation, said nothing and walked away.

Celine shrugged. Dora couldn’t complain about her being lazy. She was a complete klutz but she did her work well.

She hurriedly went to join her other colleagues in the hallway and fell in line just as the doors opened and the royal family waltzed in.

The citizens of Eisner were very happy that they were finally able to see the crown prince in person. He’d been sent away from Eisner to live with his mother’s sister abroad after his uncle tried to kill him when he was a baby and twenty four years later, his parents called him back home as per tradition.

It was tradition in the kingdom of Eisner for every young man at the age of twenty five to get married and settle down. This was created to curb the insatiable appetites of young men who loved to sleep around with unsuspecting innocent ladies and the punishment for rape was mutation of the man’s genitals.

Celine’s breath hitched in her throat as she chanced a glance at the prince but she was quick to avert her eyes before she was caught. 

No servant could look directly at any member of the royal family except when ordered to which never happened because the queen and her daughter princess Josephine were the meanest creatures to ever walk the earth and Celine was very happy when the princess didn’t choose her to be part of her personal maids or even the queen’s.

“Mom, dad what’s with this extravagant welcome?. The prince asked. I don’t need this." He gestured to the maids, guards and even the decorations.

“This is the second time since you were born that you’re stepping foot into this palace. Of course this is all necessary. His mother queen Joanne said. My son is finally home.”

“It’s good to be home. He said. He faced the servants. Hey guys!.” He greeted them.

“Welcome home your highness.” They all greeted, curtsied and bowed respectively.

“Thank you. He said. Nice meeting all of you.”

“Okay son, that’s enough. His father said. You’re a prince and they are your servants…you shouldn’t greet them like old friends.”

“But they are…”

“Come. You must be tired from your trip. Dora.” His mother called.

“Yes your majesty?”. Dora curtsied.

“All done with his suite?”. She asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” Dora nodded and gave Celine a death glare with the corner of her eyes.

“Let’s go up to your room so you can freshen up and rest.” His mother said.

“Yes mom. He smiled and followed her. 

Celine crossed her fingers behind her back hoping the queen won’t find any fault with the rooms. She waited for twenty minutes to hear Dorathy call her name but it never came and she exhaled in relief and returned to the kitchen. She was on dish duty for the week.

Prince Sebastian let out a chuckle when he found his sister waiting for him in the sitting room leafing through a magazine. He’d known she’d come back after their parents left, not for anything else but the gift he’d told her he got for her.

“Sleepy?”. Josie questioned when he sat down opposite her.

“Nope. He said. 

“Good. She said. We have a lot to catch up on. Starting with…do you have a girlfriend?”.

“Had one. He said. Cheated.”

“Slut. She spat. She’s cursed if she was stupid enough to cheat on you.”

Sebastian shrugged. “I was glad she cheated. I made her do it.”

Josie stared at her brother in confusion. “Why?”.

“She was getting too clingy. He said airily. I hate clingy girls.”

“ other words, you’re a playboy?”.

“No. He said. I’m just.. looking for Mrs right.”

Josie laughed. “Sorry to burst your bubble my dear brother but you’re not going to get that here either. Mom and dad have already gotten you a wife.”


A knock sounded on the door interrupting Josie which made her sigh and yell for whoever it was to enter.

The door opened and Celine walked into the room carrying a tray containing the princess’s drink. She had almost reached Josie when.. unfortunately for her, she tripped herself and fell and the drink went flying, splashing the pretty princess.

Josie let out a high pitched scream of horror and jumped up.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry your highness! I didn’t mean to!”. Celine apologized as she scrambled up from the floor.

“Sorry?!you ruined my good for nothing piece of trash!. Josie screamed at her. 

“Joe, calm down. It was an accident. Sebastian tried to calm her down. The poor girl tripped and fell. It wasn’t on purpose.”

“This dress was a gift from my boyfriend!”. She snapped. She did it on purpose.”

“Of course not. You saw everything, didn’t you?”.

Josie ignored her brother and walked over to where Celine stood then she let her hand connect with Celine’s cheek…hard.

“Josie!”. Sebastian cried in shock as Celine fell to the floor from the force of the slap.

“You’ll be severely punished for this bitch.” Josie threatened her and stormed out of the room.

Sebastian stared at the door in shock for a few minutes before he looked down at Celine and crouched down.

“Are you okay?”. He asked her.

Celine nodded, too shaken to speak. She also didn’t want to cry in front of the prince because that would be so embarrassing.

She got up from the floor, rubbed her cheek then went to gather the broken glasses.

“Leave that. Another..” Sebastian began.

“Ouch!. Celine cried as a big piece cut her palm.

Sebastian sighed, walked over to where she was and pulled her up gently.

“I told you to leave it alone. He scolded. Now you’ve cut yourself.”


Edited: 17.01.2021

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