Forgotten world

Reestablishing contact

Lightning dances across an amber sky, that is turning red on the horizon from two suns setting. The shattered moon starts to appear in the evening sky. The orbiting satellite was destroyed countless centuries ago by the other moon smashing in to it after it was knocked out of alinement by meteor hitting it. This has caused the tides on this world to be out of control and to top it off, if the town is not under a shield it gets destroyed my moon rocks pounding into it almost every day. This has made it turn in to barren world barely anyone lives on it and the ones who remain are stuck under barriers, some of which are beginning to fail, because the ones who built them have been dead or disappeared centuries ago.

    An inventor hopes to have come up with something to replace the fluctuating barrier before it is gone completely. The trouble is because the inventor is a man there is no way anyone on his world world take him seriously. The poor lad was going to have to hand it all over to his sister and hope the ones in charge do not think she is too young to invent such a device.

The young lady is a bad of nerves standing in front of the nine elders who decide everything that happens within their town. She believes this is why it is failing because all of them are too old and too tired to care.

She is surprised when the eighth one stops the quarrelling between her fellow ladies.

    “Star, go ahead build your invention and see if it will work, because come the ext bombardment there will be no town to save.”

The young lady perform a deep bow and answers full of cheer, “Thank you, my lady.”

The eighth smiles at as she watches the girl run out of the meeting room.

    “Good luck,” she whispers.

Star runs all the way home to tell her brother the happy news and he gets started on the full-size project.

For next three days the young lady barely sees her brother leave his workshop. Their parents take him meals and pots of tea. Then one morning he is finally ready to test out the device. He makes his way to one of the shield generators and goes to try and pug in his invention. The young man soon discovers all the consoles are written in a foreign language, one he has never seen before.

    “Wait, this is an alien language. If I could find them, they might be able to help the entire planet.”

He tries to find anything which could tell him where the equipment was from and discover a star chart that shows three worlds orbiting a double star and a red dwarf.

A bright light on the console next the screen, it appears to be some kind of button. Now the question is what will happen if the lad presses it. There was only one way to find out and gives it a positive tap. The planet with vertical rings starts to flash and an annoying beeping sound begins to emanate through the small speaker, which causes the dust on top to dance from the vibration.

A moment later a screen comes rising out of the desk and flickers on to reveal a room with smooth midnight blue walls with an image of a star chart. The image seems quickly float round until the next thing he sees is a handsome young man, with golden hair rubbing his eyes.

    “Hin gan jin sa?”

    “I’m sorry what did you say?”

The man’s eyes snap open, they are like looking in to a deep clear pool with a hint of light purple at the edge.

    “Oh, sorry I was moaning at how early it is. I am Whisper and you are?”

    “Sun. I am sorry I will call back later.”

Whisper is looking at the read out of the planet. “Wait, you are living on the broken moon, I thought that place had been abandoned centuries. I cannot believe what I am reading, there are seven thousand of you. Why are you still there?”

    “To be honest, I have no idea. So, what you are saying is this world should have been evacuated.”

    “That is precisely what I am saying. Ooh it is too early for this," sighs the man rubbing the side of his face.

Sun bows his head. “I will call back later to discus this further.”

    “Bless you. Yes, speak to you in two hours. On your world, that is equivalent to three and a half hours.”

    “I understand,” answer Sun and ends the call.

    The young man cannot believe it, the ones who rule his world have been lying to them all this time. He cannot wait to speak with Whisper again. Sun decides to head home and for now does not tell his family of what happen. When it is time for him to leave again he comes up with plan to make out he needs recalibrate the shield, even tough he is yet to fit it.

Just after the time they said the screen once again comes rising out of the table and this time it is Sun’s equipment which starts to ping. He pushes the button and the screen comes flickering on.

Whisper is now dressed in a nice pale robe with his long golden hair flowing our his shoulders. It is then Sun notices the handsome man is wearing a mask that is slightly transparent. He is only seeing in now because the light is bouncing off some metal attachments near the top.

    “I should tell you, I am the leader Moonlight’s son. I am in charge of contacting other worlds and helping them in a time of crises. My elders informed me, we got nothing from your world. You refused our help. I am hoping now things have changed.”


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Edited: 30.04.2022

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