Fury To The Recue!

chapter 1- i wish i had gone to that party

" BUT NELLIE!!!!!!!!!!! You promised you would come!!" my-very-annoying-at-the-moment-bff exclaimed. 
"ONE- I didnt promise, I considered, TWO- I don't do parties." I TOLD HER for 349th time.
"Come on nel-"
 "Melody Jordan Smith , i already told you i am not coming! AND THAT IS FINAL!!" I slam my locker shut and storm down the hallway and out the door of school.
So Mel is  mad at me, u kinda get the memo that someone doesnt wanna talk when u go to there house and the door is slammed on your face.
So today is the day of the paty. Even though I am not going partying, I plan on having a great day which concludes- me lying on the couch munching on cheetos while watching netflix.
I am watching ' TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE' when my phone starts ringing. The caller ID says 'MELLY' and me bieng as stubborn as a an old tree, i dont pick up the phone. She calls again , i dont pick up. She calls again, i dont pick up. 
And i get annoyed when she calls again. So i pick up and say - "WHY ARE YOU CALLING AGAIN AND AGAIN??!?!?! I AM WATCHING AN IMPORTANT MOVIE OVER HERE!!!"
And i suddenly hear whimpering, and then sobs and then full blown crying,
and the next words coming from her mouth take my breath away 
" NELLIE, Three guys have locked me in a car, they just got out for petrol. I am really scared. PLEASE HELP ME NEL- OHMYGOD NELLIE THEY ARE COMING I GOTTA GO-" and the call cuts.
Damn i wish i had gone to that party, maybe my best friend wouldnt have been kidnapped by 3 spitwads if i had.
ANYWAY- here I come- Eleanor Fury to the rescue...


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Edited: 29.06.2019

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