Gay to Guy?


Thousands of people walked out from the exit of the theater and I stand waiting for my only best friend to show up. 

God! This guy makes me angry.

The night is wonderful than the morning. Street lights and shops and clubs and fun and huh!. This all makes me feel so happy. 

I wonder why my best friend Edward is such a dumbass. He is always late for everything but I don't think this is gonna happen tonight because he went in with his boyfriend Aaron.

Yep, he is a gay. But I don't judge it. People should live as they wish. Judging is not my thing.

"Sexy!" Someone whispered softly in my ears that made me jump.

I turn around quickly.

"Jesus! Ed! You scared the crap out of me!" I shout and he giggled.

Ed and Aaron were wearing a matching black leather jacket, t-shirt and pants. Aaron's black hair was combed neatly while Ed's blonde hair was free in air. Like Thor.

"Hi. Kat" says Aaron grinning.

Their eyes lit up in excitement. 

"Hi. Guys!" I say and smile.

"So see ya!" Says Aaron hugging Ed and a flash of jealousy came across my heart.

Aaron gives a tight and warm hug to me and walks away.

"Oh my! My bones" I say and lift my arm stretching.

"Your boyfriend broke it!" I scold him and he laughs.

"Of course, he loves hugs!" He grins.

Huh! Whatever.

"I'm not coming to the party" he says and rubs behind his neck.

"You promised!" I point a finger at him.

"I thought we both were going as couples" I say and he shrugs.

"I know but I already have a boyfriend. What will they think?" He asks frowning.

"They won't allow me in without a man beside me and I am 17 only" I shrug.

"You know, you are 5 days older than me so basically your 18 and I am still 17" I say.

"Then why can't you wait 3 more days, Katherine!" He shouts and I turn my face.

"Bad boy!" I shout.

He sighed and touched my shoulder.

"Okay. I am sorry. Come on" he says and I turn around giggling.

"I love you so much" I say and hug him.

Seriously, yes. I loved him. He thinks it's as a friend. Whatever. No problem!!

I can hear him laughing though his chest is vibrating.

"Get in that car!" He shouts and I dance around getting in.

"Wooowhooooo!" I shout as he slams the door shut.


Edited: 03.12.2020

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