Graduation Day with Poetry Flare

37. Words In Writing F (Chapter 9)

"F" is for Flowers

Flowers in nature
Flowers in my garden
Flowers around the lawn
Flowers in my delicate vase
The first poems inspired by the earth has to be about it's colorful Sunny day special dresses.

Roses are red... can you remember the rest?
Then I will proclaim further
Violets are blue
This may be a compact poem... but I still have a lot of love for you

Do you see how the life giving produce of mother earth continues to inspire us all throughout life to appreciate her and love?

Love For her produce
Love For the tenants
Love For the Father of all things
From the Grand One's creation of the flowery twilight stars
To the delicate red roses in your vase
The letter "F" is for the exquisite Flowers to cultivate all the love in this earth's space

F is For Flowers


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Edited: 20.05.2021

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