Heaven Out Of Hell

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          The night breeze hit Isabelle unexpectedly and she rubbed her arms to ward off the chills that she was feeling all over her body. She looked up at the sky that was beginning to turn dark blue and she wiped her tears. She was left alone on her wedding night; her husband went away who knows where leaving her all by herself. Unbelievable! Once again, she was in the exact same spot where she was a few weeks ago. No, this was not quite the same. This time there was not going to be a happy ending. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. There was no use, the weight on her heart was still there, and she was feeling even worse.

          How could something so wonderful turn into nothing in a matter of minutes? Why was there still so much pain in store for her? Why was not she enjoying that happiness that was promised to her by her husband? Why had he agreed to take this step if he knew he was not ready if Shawn felt forced to do it? Isabelle had asked him a thousand times if he was all right with it if marrying her was what he really wanted and a thousand times Shawn had said yes. Just to give her the coup de grace in due time. Why had not he let her go? If he wanted revenge, if he wanted to destroy her...well, he finally got her. Now Shawn could stay away from her since Isabelle no longer had the desire to fight for a love that had never been hers, that was not meant for her.

          Her father's words as he was beating her came back to Isabelle’s mind... ‘You are just a stupid bitch! You sold yourself to that arrogant son of a bitch who will throw you away like the piece of garbage that you are when he will get tired of you! You gave him the only thing that gave us some leverage for what I intended to do with you. Now you are worthless! You are less than nothing!' And he was right, Shawn had used her for his purposes and then he threw her away. A slight sigh came from deep inside her soul and embarrassed, she hid her face in her hands. Isabelle wished so much to be able to go back in time to the evening when she had given in to his manipulations when she had agreed to marry Shawn. If she knew then what she knew now, she would have run away from him, somewhere safe from his deadly charm.

          The ink on the marriage license was still fresh and she was alone… Once again she had no place to go. She smiled sadly remembering everything that had happened in the days before that Sunday when they got married. Marie and Lucy had managed to surprise her, taking care of everything from the bride’s bouquet and flower arrangements to the refreshments, from a quite acceptable guest list to the wedding cake. Everything had been taken care of with such precision that would have made any wedding planner in the world die of envy. Those two women together looked like a tornado, they were devastating and lethal. They had worked day and night, preparing everything in great secret, asking Isabelle a lot of questions. They allowed her to make a single crucial decision: the wedding dress.

          In order to buy the perfect one, Isabelle asked for her two ‘wedding planners’ and Shana, Lucy's granddaughter, to accompany her. After chasing the right dress, after looking around in every single store, the moment Isabelle decided to abort the mission… she saw the one especially made for her! She tried it on and it was as if someone had sewed it especially for her, it needed no alteration. When she came out from the fitting room, the three women were left speechless.

“My sweet girl, you look like a royal princess...” Lucy whispered when she saw her.

“You are gorgeous, Belle!” Shana said quite overwhelmed.

          It was a ball gown and it had a fitted corset, a cinched waist, and a wide full skirt that had layers of tulle. Even the color -ivory- was perfect. The corset and the upper part of the gown were studded with white Swarovski crystals. Dressed like this, Isabelle seemed a real princess. She did not want to wear a veil, because she wanted to see and be seen by Shawn, to look into his eyes while she walked down the aisle. So, Isabelle chose a tiara to complete that royal look.

“Dearest, you will be the most wonderful bride in the whole universe with this ball gown. When he sees you, my nephew will find it hard to breathe, trust me,” Marie exclaimed putting a hand on her heart trying not to cry.

          And Isabelle believed Marie’s words. There was no reason not to. Isabelle was happy because she was marrying the man she had loved from the first moment she saw him, her… unconventional prince. They had a bumpy start, but the love Isabelle felt for Shawn had pushed her into his arms becoming his woman in every sense of the word. And now the final step towards happiness… Finally, all the stars were aligned for this unique event. For keeping the things more spectacular, Isabelle had the perfect wedding gift for Shawn, something he would absolutely love.

          The wedding ceremony was particularly thrilling. There was a small gazebo in Marie’s rose garden, Isabelle’s favorite spot, the very same where Shawn told her ‘I love you’ for the first time. That evening, her heart was filled with such a complete joy that she could barely breathe. Marie had asked Frannie and Diana, to be the little flower girls, scattering rose petals along the bridle path. Both little girls seemed like two perfect dolls, wearing little white dresses. Not having other friends, Isabelle asked Shana, Lucy's granddaughter, to be her bridesmaid and Shana accepted gladly. This situation had offered the two women the opportunity to get to know each other better, becoming very good friends. Isabelle allowed Shana to choose the dress she liked and Shana had not let her down. She was perfect with her light blue silk lace dress.

Emma Swan

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