Her Not So Good Boy

Chapter 1: A Beautiful Vivid Dream

     The scene was set up at a beautiful backdrop of a clear, infertile land where the sun was sparkling its glorious rays on a huge banyan tree that was casting its shadow over a wooden bench painted in light blue which could accommodate two people. The strong gust of wind caused the roots of the banyan to move rhythmically. Soon this beautiful atmosphere witnessed gleeful cheers of the children. A girl could be spotted running towards the banyan tree. She was wearing a beautiful light blue frock, her black long hair swaying beautifully. Her beautiful brown eyes were crowned by the fringes that covered her forehead. She was smiling naughtily as she could hear repeated calls from her best friend. "Prikkang, Prikkang stop, don't run…" Suddenly silence filled the atmosphere as Prikkang could no longer hear from her best friend. Her smile faded as she glanced back to see that Sibitis was nowhere. She circled the banyan tree as she kept on calling, "Sibitis… Sibitis." She gave in as she sat on the blue bench with her hands supporting her rose pink chubby cheeks. Her gaze shifted to her left as she could hear the footsteps. Her hands shifted from the cheeks to the handle of the chair. She stood up as her eyes met his friend's. She rushed a few steps wearing a tensed look as she opened up, "Where have you been? You kept me waiting for so long." The tall boy, with mussed black hair, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans smiled as he saw her little friend worried about him. He answered, "I brought this for you." He forwarded a pink umbrella and asked her to open it. She was surprised as to what was the reason for him to smile but she couldn't help but smile as she saw him. She opened the umbrella and she could see beautiful rose petals gracing her. Both of them were looking at the petals falling from the umbrella. She saw his friend with gleeful eyes. His pearl eyes stared back and his smile grew deeper as he saw Prikkang's mesmerizing smile.

     Slowly and steadily, this beautiful scenery with a boy and a girl smiling as rose petals fell on them began to fade and there was a ticking sound, a sound which was distinct from the village scenario. It was from the modern world. The girl shuddered her eyes as her hand tried to reach the alarm clock, banging its button and finally it went off. Her eyes were wide open and were staring at the ceiling fan but her mind was glued to the beautiful dream. "Sibitis, '' was the first word uttered by her and she dug her face under her hands as she turned scarlet. She clutched the blanket and covered her face. She brought it down by her round nose as she rushed through the moments. She got up as she dug her fingers in her brown crimpy hair. "You are there in almost every dream of mine." She did a few stretches and headed towards the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror staring at herself. She was wearing a knee length bright grey skirt and a grey shirt having a white strap on the chest and there was a logo at the right which said IUCA University. Prikkang was studying agriculture at Asia's top university in Thailand. Her fingers held the silvery heart pendant and she was flushing, "It's been 10 years since we last saw each other. We have lost touch but I am still in touch with you by the way of memories. I can't forget you." She put the chain inside her well tucked shirt, grabbed her bag lying on the chair and headed towards the dining room.

     Prikkang kept her bag on the dining table and as usual she spotted her father lost in a deep thought and she could easily count the wrinkles that appeared on his shiny brown forehead. Prikkang's father, an old man with thin black hair saw himself to be a perfect strict parent who was satisfied that he instilled good manners in Prikkang, but as she began studying at IUCA University, he grew worried, fearing that she lost her track. Though he felt he was strict enough but his strictness was like an ice cream, which would be there for a few moments. His eyes were transfixed on the teddy bears, dolls that lay on the sofa. Prikkang noticed this and began, "Dad you should be lively in the morning. Why are you frowning?" Her dad answered, "It's difficult to be lively. Look at this stuff." He pointed his finger towards the sofa. Prikkang looked at the soft toys with her cute eyes. "Prikkang, what is this? I told you to concentrate on your studies first." Prikkang shook her head like a baby in agreement. Her dad continued, "It's not been long since you entered the University. How come so many young men are going after you? I wonder if their fathers are doll makers, that they keep on giving these many gifts." She began in a cheerful tone, "Dad, don't you think you should be proud of your girl who is pretty and attractive?" She flung her hair to indicate her beauty.

     Her father picked up the card lying on the table and read aloud, "Your eyes make me flutter." Her dad threw the card as his expressions became weird, "How can someone be this cheesy?" Prikkang suppressed her laughter. Her dad's changing expressions alerted her that a long lecture is going to begin. She was waiting for that with her wide eyes, "Look Prikkang, all men are bad. You can't trust them because…" Prikkang broke in, "Because I was bad before. You have been telling me like a hundred times." Her dad was growing tensed, she saw this and said, "Don't worry dad, you know that I don't fall for anyone so easily." Her dad shook his head and he picked up another card lying on the chair and began to read it, "To DJ PK." Prikkang was terrified, she quickly got up from the chair and snatched the card from him. She scratched the head, as if she was hiding something. She quickly blurted, "I think this card is intended for someone else." She grabbed her bag, "I will better be off to the campus." His father stopped her, "At Least complete your breakfast." She grabbed a few grapes from the basket as she assured him that those grapes were enough for her. Prikkang was really very fond of grapes. She could have grapes as her lunch, that was the amount of her liking towards this fruit. His father interrupted her again, "Okay so you are having dinner with me this evening." Prikkang denied as she told, "No dad this isn't possible because I have plans with my friends." The word plan caused her dad to stare at her with suspicion. She corrected herself, "I am going to study with my friends this evening." Her dad was satisfied with her studying and thus permitted her to go.

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