Her Sacrifice


"She should be the one protecting the world, but for him, she is against the world", an elderly woman spoke as she concluded something.

"But how can we dissuade her from destroying the entire world?", a man replied addressing all his uncertainty.

" I don't know, she is the most powerful witch of our coven and I have no idea how to stop her", she spoke lowering her voice.

"But she is your daughter Angela, come on, do something or else we all die", the man screamed.

"If love can bring heaven on earth then certainly love can unleash hell right here", Angela sighed.

"This love will destroy everything", he cried.

"It won't if she makes a sacrifice", she smiled in pain.

"What sacrifice?", he was confused.

"It would be HER SACRIFICE, and we won't have any say on it".


Payal Mandal

Edited: 02.03.2021

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