Her Silent Scream


Preety was hanging her clothes in the closet when Areesha entered the room.


"Preety, have you selected your dress for the party?"


"Not yet, api" Preety replied to Areesha smilingly.


Areesha got near the closet and said "Okay then, let me select it for you."


"Sure, Api" Saying this, Preety moved from there with a smile to let Areesha select the dress.


Taking out a dress from the closet, Areesha showed to her and said "Preety, I think you should wear it. You will look lovely in this dress."


Before Preety could say something, Arhaan entered the room.


Looking at him Areesha said, "Vai, look. Isn't the dress beautiful? I was telling Preety to wear it for your party. What do you think?"


Looking at the dress, Arhaan spoke up, "It's beautiful Api."


Then he looked at Preety and said to her, "You should wear it. You will look.."


Glancing at Areesha, Arhaan stopped.


Areesha smiled at them and left from there.


When Areesha went out of the room, Arhaan turned to Khushi.


Khushi was about to take out her jewellery to match something with her dress.


Arhaan went near her and grabbed her hand in a tight grip making her turned to him.


Khushi winched in pain and shockingly looked at Arhaan only to find him giving her a deadly glare.


Glaring deadly at Khushi, Arhaan said in a cold voice, "Don't even think of coming to my party."


Facing the situation, Khushi fearfully said more like stuttered, "B..but y..you sa..id.."


Arhaan interrupted her word and said, "Don't even try to pull your innocent act in front of me. Keep it stored for Api and Muhib vai."


Khushi again started to say, "Arhaan, I didn't.." only to get yelled by him.


"Just shut up."


Khushi became totally silent at this and tears started making their way from her eyes.


Arhaan didn't bother about that of a little bit and continued glaringly at Khushi deadly and said after sometime "You should have known Khushi whom to mess with."

Hearing this when Khushi looked at Arhaan sadly, he shouted again, "Just get out of my sight."

With teary eyes Khushi left from there and went to the roof.
She remained there staring at the sky.


Tears were rolling down her cheeks while her heart continued silently screaming...


"Why? Just why?"





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