Her silent tears

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"you may see me struggle but you will never see me quit because I'm a fighter and I will not give up,even though i stumble and fall I will stand again."

he started laughing like a maniac
"oh really,I know that you would always fall but how will you stand again without someone's help babe."he said sarcastically

The ache in my chest was too much but I held back my tears and looked into his eyes and said something which I never expected

"It might take longer at times but I will stand back and keep fighting."

"cut the crap you ugly little shit, you are nothing but a burden not only to me but to everyone." he told glaring at me.
she hugs her tearstained pillow close when she is alone and cries out silently.
she knows that her day and night would start and end with tears. everyone around her think she's doing well but she really isn't
Time hasn't healed her pain at all or quieted her fears so every night,alone in bed she sheds those silent tears.

Sumaiya Fairoos

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Story about: handicapped

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