Her Smile Worth Billions [book 2]



After the blackness of night, the sun bloomed on the horizon, golden petals stretching ever outwards into the rich blue like a brilliant flower of the sky that warmed their day, their heart and soul. It was the invitation to a new day. A day filled with light instead a day covered in darkness.


Ash was sitting leaned on the comfy windowsill bed, not alone anymore as he had the person who brought light to his life, right there with him, swaddled close into his arms.


Emaya's back was pressed against his chest as she leaned peacefully into the warmth of his embrace, his fingers slowly running through her soft hair, caressing her cheek.


The pieces of Ash's heart that had been struggling to fit into this world became so quiet when cuddling with her; it was as if they had found peace, as if they needed her glue to bridge their gaps and connect.


He gently cradled her head on his shoulder. She lie still, left her hands dangling useless at her sides. She’d never been held like this, not by Ash. She never felt the relaxation, such sense of serenity and calmness as much as she felt while being enveloped in his arms, protected.


The rising sun gave a cosy, golden glow to the room. Ash and Emaya sat in silence, gazing outside the large glass window, calmly watching the sun gradually rising, brightening up their souls.


None of them spoke a word, Emaya snuggled closer into his warmth while Ash continued the light stroke of his soft thumb over the bandage he carefully wrapped around her wounded forehead, caressing her ear, slowly trailing a finger down the side of her face and traced her slightly swollen cheek.


Ash gazed down at her closed eyes, gently tracing her eyebrows, her long eyelashes, watching her peaceful and relaxed face. His gaze shifted down as he gently took her hand in his, slowly lifting up her oversized sleeve that revealed the slightly faded scar on her delicate wrist.


Even though he had already seen the scar on her wrist, the wound on her head and not to mention the numerous scars on her back, he still felt the same surging pain inside his heart.


In the glow of the golden sunlight, Emaya slowly opened her eyes and gazed up at him only to find the calmness on his face was replaced by painful expressions. She leaned closer and placed a tender kiss under his jaw.


“It won’t happen again. I promise, I won’t do it next time,” Emaya spoke with solemn look on her face as she hold his hand tight and met her serene eyes with his glum, dark eyes.


Ash heaved out a soft sigh as he covered her wrist, interlocking his fingers with hers and hugged her closer, his warm, raspy breaths brushing her ear as he whispered, “There won’t be a next time.”


They hugged long enough to hear each other's breathing, Emaya snuggle up against him, her heartbeat slowly catching up to his, as if their bodies reacted simultaneously to their warm touch. They stayed quiet until Ash broke the silence as he asked again once Emaya was calmed down.


“What happened today?”


Emaya bit her lower lip as Ash placed his thumb under her chin to make her look up into his eyes yet Emaya still lowered her lashes, her expressions turning slightly grim.


“You tried to stop him... Right?”


Emaya still remained quiet, pursing her lips as she gave him a light nod.


“Even though you knew what he would do?”


“I had no choice... If I still don’t stop him, he would end up getting alcohol poisoning,” Emaya paused for a moment to let out a sigh before she continued,“I just had to stop him for a while until he got tired and fell asleep.”


“Tired by beating you brutally?” Ash asked silently as he raised his brow.


“I’m used to it—”


“You’re used it doesn’t mean you can endure it forever,” Ash interjected solemnly.


Emaya heaved out a sigh as she finally lifted her head and looked him in the eyes, “I couldn’t sleep the whole night trying to find a way. I don’t know what to do other than taking the beating.”


“Gotta send him to Rehab.”


“I can’t. Not right now. I'm trying to gather up some money. He had already spent everything on alcohol. It's been several months now and his intake of alcohol is keep increasing. I’m afraid he would kill himself and... You know what will happen if I try to convince him... I'm just... So tired.” Emaya uttered hoarsely until her voice slowly trailed off and rested her head on his shoulder.


“Don’t think about it for now. Relax,” Ash tightened his arms around her, pulling her closer, comforting her in his arms as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and rested his chin on her head, “he would be fine.”


“would he?”


“Uh huh,” Ash reassured, “We'll surely find a way.”


Ash began affectionately ruffling her soft hair, his lips lightly brushing her forehead as he whispered in a deep, husky voice, “Sleep now”


Emaya nuzzled under his jaw, burying her face in the crook of his neck as she slowly closed her eyes, silently inhaling and exhaling his pleasant scent. She felt so comfortable as if everything is finally going to be alright, feeling all the worries and the restlessness gradually draining away, leaving her mind relaxed as she sank deeper into her safe placed, his warmth. She knew she can go through all the adversites as long as she have Ash by her side.


Never in her life has she felt so blessed and opened her eyes once again to shortly glance up at her blessing only to find his gorgeous onyx eyes staring back at her.


Although Emaya wanted to only take another short glimpse of her beloved, she find herself unable to look away, her eyes moving down to his lips, softer than the softest thing one can think of. She couldn’t think of anything better to do than lean forward and kiss them.

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