Her story

Chapter 1

KOLKATA. The city of joy huh! Yeah maybe but not for everyone. My life was kinda troublesome always. 

In this whole big town there was a girl with big dreams and high expectations from the world. This is me Siya Roy a 16-year-old high school girl. I am a bengali. Like all bengali families my family was also a bit conservative, not that open minded but I love them. So I am a girl okay lets be more specific I am a 'teenage girl' and for bengalis like us a '16-year-old' or a 'school or high school' goer is still a kid. Okay lets then talk about my family.

I am born and brought up by my mother. My parents got divorced when I was 6 and now it has been more than 10 years but still it is like a scar and it will never get removed. Never mind. I never got that motherly affection from my mom when I was a kid. She was so busy to handle me and my grand-parents all alone. She is my inspiration. As I never get my mom when i was kid my only partner was my grand mother she was my one and only closest person. I was always a very joyful an fun-loving girl. I was the school girl's basketball team captain and was pleased by everyone. I was the best girl basketball player of school till then and the boys were all a fan of me. but I was kinda introvert, I always used used to be by myself. I had only a few friends  with a huge fan following but i chose some of them to be my closest. One of them was Sunaina she was my best friend for my whole childhood. She was the only person with whom I can share everything from the saddest tragedies to the darkest fantsies she was always by my side listening to my stupid talks. At school everyone liked me even I was a darling of all the teachers.

While most of my friends having several boy friends and makeouts. I was the one with just no boyfriends. Actually I never wanted to have a boyfriend and I was also afraid of having one by seeing my parents getting detached. I used to mostly friendzone each and every guy who liked me. 

But one day something happened. It was our ICSE result day. I ranked up 3rd from our school and it was the happiest day of my life. Everyone in my life were all proud of me. I myself was also proud of myself. That day my life changed. It was a Thursday morning of the month of April, bright day and a day of the beginning of my successful life.

Suddenly when all the celebrations were going my phone beeped,  I took t out of my back pocket to find out who was it. I thought it must be one of those congratulation messages I was getting from the morning, but no it was a facebook notification so I just ignored and kept the cell back to my pocket. That was the daywhen my mom finally said to me "Now you are a grown up!" and this sentence made me and mom burst out in tears in eachother's arms. That was just worth memorable.

Okay let's continue.

That facebook notification. Yes that was a friend request from a guy. A guy whom I really didn't khew so I just rejected it without even going through his profile. Suddenly a text came from 'Sunaina' i mentioned her name earlier also, she was my best friend. 

The text read- " Hey babe! I need to talk to you will you just call me back when you are free?"

I immediately called her back. She just picked up the call within the first ring and screamed " Heyyyyy wassup???" 

I was too tired so I replied exhaustily "What on Earth hsd happened to you? Again some kind of boy problem, I guess??"

"Yeah you guessed that right" she replied with a giggle.

"So what's the problem?" I said rolling my eyes.

She started expaining me "Actually I like a guy his name is Jay, I saw you in his mutuals so I thought may be you know him and if you really know him can you please talk to him about me Please! Please! Please!' she started begging so i can't say a no.

I actually never was that good in talking to strangers so I asked her about him and how did she get caught of that guy.

She said that they met hrough a common friend at a party but they never talked with eachother.

I understood the whole matter and asked her to just send me the link to his profile and I'll see what i can do.

She sent me the link and I saw that guy. Okay he was looking kind of good. Suddenly a message request came. It was the guy who send the request earlier. I opened his profile and was shocked he was a friend of Jay as there was a pic of him with Jay on his profile. 

I immediately accepted the request and replied "Hey".

His name is 'Raj'.

I started stalking his account and I found him cute, YES it was the FIRST time I found a GUY CUTE. 

He replied- "Hi! Finally you replied it was urgent to talk to you."

Me- "Yeah say What's up?'

He- " Actually one of my friends likes one of your friends can you just help? I saw that girl in your profile so I thought may be you can help?"

Me- " Which friend? Can I know her name? By the way I too had to ask you about the guy with you in your picture"

He- " I guess her name is Sunaina? The guy in my default picture(dp) is the guy of whom I was talking about he likes her alot his name is Jay we both are classmates. We are in college 1st year."

Me-" Wait ! Wait ! Really ? He likes Sunaina? She just asked me to talk with Jay about this. But se what happened. Okay I'll talk to you later I have to call her and inform all of this. Bye.

Raima Roy

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