Hers Professor

Absent in Present


She was looking outside the window while the class was going on. Teacher was teaching as usual. And as usual her body was present but her mind was absent. No one knew what she used to think? Her face always looked like a blank piece of paper.

Sometimes, she could be misunderstood as a stone statue by some outsider if he entered the class the time when the teacher was teaching and saw her gazing out of the window without even moving a little bit. Only when she blinked then only could anyone tell the difference between her and a stone statue.

Whatever teacher was teaching she wasn’t interested. She was just lost in her own world. Now, even her teachers and fellow student didn’t care about her they just ignore her as she ignored them like they were never there. At the last the Class came to an end. “May I have the attention of all the Students.” Teacher said seriously. For once she broke her gaze from looking outside the window. And looked at the teacher.

Teacher smiled to all the students and said, “Dear Students, I am very happy I get to teach people like you. It was something that brought me so much happiness. Though, It’s time when I have to bid farewell from teaching you people. I, sincerely don’t wanna leave you. But I have to go as it’s important for me to leave. So, today was my last class.”

All the students were looking shocked hearing this except one and that one was nobody than her. The Students were pleading the teacher to not go, to stay, saying they will miss him. But she was still silent as silent as a lonely desert. The teacher was overwhelmed with all the love and the chaos the students were making.

“I know, I know you all love me so much and I am lucky to have all the love you have given me. But I really have to go. But don’t worry I will not leave you alone. I will give your responsibility in wonderful hands. You will meet your new teacher on Monday. And though, he is a bit younger but you will all love his company so much.” The teacher said. “But, teacher we will still miss you. If you have told us earlier we would at least bring some goodbye gift for you.” One student said in an annoyed tone.

And all the students said things in his agreement. Once again, the class was noise. “Oh, My dear students, That’s the reason why I didn’t tell you? Your love and wishes are enough for me.” Teacher said in a proud tone. “But now, I have got to go. May God bless you all” He said while going outside the classroom smiling brightly and waving his hand in the air as goodbye.

Some students even started crying. But she moved her gaze again where she was looking before. As soon as the teacher went out of the class. All the sobbing students wiped their tears and smiled at each other and gave each other high fives.

All the students looked relaxed. “Good riddance, that old man was too boring.” One of the students said with a smile. “Yeah, I felt sleepy when he used to teach.” Another students said lying his head down on the table. “What does he think we didn’t know his going. We just don’t wanna waste our money on that old rag.” One girl added. “Yeah,” other added and whole class laughed whereas the Emotionless Arya didn’t. Her gaze was still fixed looking outside the window. But hearing this all.

Her emotionless face looked a bit serious. She just blinked her eyes twice and took a long deep breath avoiding everyone. Perhaps she knew it from the start they all were faking the emotions in front of the teacher. And she didn’t wanna be a part of it that was why she was silent. She scratched her desk with her nail in anger for the fake emotions of students hiding her emotions from them as they all were enjoying themselves. But she didn’t want to say anything to them. She didn’t care about them. Whatever they did it was not her business so she just continued to look outside the window.

To be Continued...

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