His Cheerleader

Chapter 1- Library

Brittany's POV

I looked at him from afar...

Wondering why did he chose to be like that? Not that it's bad but hell it's obvious that he does look good, if only people would start opening their eyes on people who wears glasses!

Wondering when will he ever come out from his comfort zone? Yes, I know who he truly is, but I'm confused why he chose to live like that? He's mysterious and I want to know him more than anyone else. He's a mystery I want to unravel.

"Brittany!" one of my friends called me.

"Tommy is here!" Tommy is the basketball captain, he's been nagging to date me for weeks now, but I refused him because I like someone else, I'm in love with someone else.

"Whatever, tell him I'm busy!" I said then I stared at Jared again, he's the campus nerd, the one they said who's the loser of the year, well...I don't think so.

"Yeah, busy looking at Jared!" she sneered at me.

I gestured shush to her. "Oh come on! Stop staring at Jared!" Faye said, she's my best friend.

"What can I do? He won't even say hi to me!" I said as I frowned.

"You know he's very shy, the hell boys would line up for you, so why Jared?!" she asked curiously.

"Why not him?" I asked her too.

"Uh...he's like a Nerd?" she said while doing a hand gesture.

"Oh come on! He's not that bad" I said...

I looked at him again then he looked at me this time that made me blush.

I'm Brittany Swift, and I'm 18 years old. I am a cheerleader but I am in love with a nerd, he's Jared Scotland and he's my first love. Unfortunately he doesn't feel the same way because he thinks I'm just messing around Gosh this dude! Well no one can blame him for that, every nerd is fond of the plot that every time a popular person talks to him or her, they probably have a plan behind every gesture which is clearly not what's happening here.

Meanwhile, I was walking my way to the canteen when I saw Tommy waiting for me at the cafeteria door so I changed my route and went to the Library, I went to the novel section and grabbed a book, it was Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children, I went to the most corner part of the library and sat there, then I started reading it.

As I was reading, when I felt someone staring at me so I looked up and saw him...Jared.

"U-uh H-hi!" I said stuttering! Pathetic!

"Hello." He replied, his voice is so masculine! Geez I'm falling for him all over again. Oh come on Brit, stop being showy he'll leave!

"Uhm...You also read here?" I asked him

He nodded. "You kind of...found my reading...spot" He said and I immediately stood up!

"Oh! Sorry! Here! I'll just look for another place, sorry I didn't know!" I said then when I was about to go away he grabbed my wrist.

KYAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I shouted in my mind, Gosh! He's holding my wrist now!!!!

"No! It's okay...W-we can...s-share!" he said while blushing, CUTEEEEE!!!

"Really?" I said then he nodded, so I sat again and this time he's beside me. OMG this is the best day ever!

"U-Uhm...so you read here? Like most of the time?" I said as i am trying to break the silence.

"Yeah..." he said...

Breathe Brittany, come on! Get yourself together!

"Oh...Reading is somewhat your forte right?" DUH Brittany of course he's a nerd -_-

"Obviously yeah...as if I can mingle with others!" he said

"Well, why not?" I asked

"Who would like a nerd?" He said.

"I would!" I said then his eyes widened, then I realized

Asvsdfvauefvef WTF DID I JUST SAID???

"I Mean as a F-friend." I explained while stuttering. IDIOT! STUTTERING? REALLY?

"You wanna be friends with me? Is this some kind of a prank you and your boyfriend is playing?" He said, I can see that he's furious now.

"What? Boyfriend? I don't have one!" I said then he looked at me.

"Isn't Tommy your boyfriend?" He asked.

"Hell no! I don't like him at all, not even a bit!" I said then he looked away.

"Oh!" he said.

"Look...I'm not messing around with you okay? I just want to be friends, I don't care what people say about you! I know there is more than the surface." I said as I stood up and I smiled at him, I saw him blush CUTE SHIT!

I left him and I returned the book then I went to the cafeteria.


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