His Cursed Mistress

Chapter 1: Dream











"Come on, Eason. Let's play this one," I called my lovely brother.

Mom and dad, waiting for us to settle down before we start our movie.

"Dad, please put on some action movies," Eason chuckled as he kept the big bowl of popcorn in front of us.

I rolled my eyes.

"No, dad. Whatever you and mom-like." 

I elbowed him to stay quiet.

The movie started, and there Eason grabbed a handful of popcorn to stuff in his mouth.

"Slowly," I glared at him.

I was lost in the movie, didn't realize the time. 

"Mom, Dad," I called, but they were asleep.

I looked around to check on Eason.

"Eason, where are you?"

What the heck? Where did he go?"

I stood and looked at him in the kitchen.

"Eason," he was nowhere to be found.

I went upstairs to check in his room.

"Eason, where are you? Mom, dad slept, and where the hell are you?"

The house was dark, and there as an awkward silence crept around me. I was not feeling good about all this. Scared, I whispered his name again.

"Eason, this is not funny. Please come out." 

I opened my doorknob and saw someone sitting on the bed.

With the dim light coming from the other room, I walked towards it.

"Eason," I touched his shoulder.

He turned, and a zap of electricity flowed through my body.

These were the familiar cyan blue eyes. I have seen them before.

He walked towards me, and my scared frame fell on the ground.

"Stop, don't kill me. Don't," I screamed and tried to run down.

But why am I saying don't kill me? Is he here to kill me?

My legs became jelly, and I was not able to move.

He hovered his body over me as the eyes turned red and then black.

"Hello, little doctor," 

I knew his name, but am I not able to scream? I wanted to call my dad

"D...a...d" a squeezed voice came from my throat.

I dragged myself from him as his shoe made a perfect haunted sound in my ears.

Don't kill me. I begged through my eyes as my throat was mute with fear.

Tears filled in eyes when I dragged myself against the wall.

I couldn't raise my eyes again to his face as I was scared he would show me how monstrous he looked.

"Hazel," he purred my name, and there I raised my eyes towards him.

Wyatt? A name recalled my memory.

He smirked as his face caught me looking at him.

He clutched my neck and pulled me against the wall, making me stand.

"You didn't know what you have..." his eyes went black.

I kicked in his balls and ran downstairs.

He groaned.

I climbed over the couch and thought to wake up my parents, but they were not there.

"Mom, dad," I screamed as I pulled my hair to look for them, but I know the monster, coming after me.

Without any thought, I hid in the bathroom.

"Where are you? I can smell you?" 

 The voice coming from outside made me scared more.

I walked towards the drawer, tried to find something to defend myself. 

"Shit," I threw the curler.

Comb, cream, clips, perfumes, what else?

"Fuck," there is nothing here to defend me.

I looked towards the mirror.

My image was looking at me smiling.

"What the fuck?" I touched my cheeks, but my image in the mirror, smiling at me.

Scared, I backed off.

What's going on here?

"I am inside you," she whispered from the mirror.

"What?" I palmed myself.

I thought this was merely an illusion. It could be my fear which led me to see these things, but I was wrong.

She was still smiling at me.

I stood and took a few steps.

"Hazel, I am in you." She whispered.

I raised my fingers towards the mirror and there I could feel the touch. She fidgets my fingers in hers.

"This is all an illusion," I whispered.

"Look who I am?" She whispered as I saw the color of her eyes changed from hazel to gold.

"No, no, no, this can't be happening," I screamed as she held my hand tightly, didn't allow me to run.

"You can't run from me. I am inside you. Talk to me."

"I am inside you,"

"I am inside you,"

I screamed


I found myself on a bed. Sweat slithered through every pore of my body. I couldn't catch my breath when I looked around.

Shit, I was dreaming?

The dream was more like reality.

And this is not a dream anymore as I used to keep dreaming every night. That illusion, who was that? Why did she say she is inside me?

I batted my lashes and saw the room was filled with white color; everything was white.

White fluffy rug. White curtains, white lamps.

"Again?" a voice caught my attention.

Her face doesn't look familiar.

I didn't know where I was.

I tried to remember what was the last thing, I remember clearly?

When I tried to focus, the girl extended water towards me.

Valerie Sax

Edited: 05.05.2021

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