His Human Mate


Dylan Black Knight


The most powerful werewolf king of the world. He is the king of all king. He known as the most merciless, heartless werewolf.  He has everything a god gifted looks, money, power but still he feels alone. So alone. Because he did not find his mate. He is still searching for his soul mate. 


Angelina Carson

A sweet, innocent and gorgeous girl. She is an orphan. She lost her parents long ago. After her parents death her uncle sold her as a servant. Now, she is a servant of a werewolf park. Everyone hates and abuse her because she is a human. She is broken beyond repair.  In this world she only hates a person. And it is Dylan Back Knight. 


Katrina Woodward

A beautiful girl of Dylan's park. Her nature is like a witch. She wants to marry Dylan not because she loves him. Because Dylan has everything, money, power, look and she wants those. She wants the queen title. She is one of Dylan's one night stand. 


Jackson William

Beta and best friend of Dylan. He is also mate of Katrina. He wanted to marry Katrina but Katrina rejected and insulted him with the most heartless speech. He got heartbroken when Katrina rejected him saying that she wants a king. She wants power, money. He wants to forget Katrina but his soul still beats for her. Only, he and Katrina knew they are mates. 


James Marshall


King of a park. Angelina worked in his park. He is the example of the bad man. He has all bad habits in him. He brought Angelina as his park servant but in secret he brought to make her his personal whore. He has lust for her. He is just waiting for the time Angelina turned 18. Then he wants to play with her gorgeous body. 


Maria Marshall


She is James's mate and wife. But her nature is also bad like her husband. She also slept with different man  behind her husband's back. She hates Angelina. Because she feared one day her husband push her away and accept Angelina as his queen. She abuse Angelina everyday as much she can. She wants to kill her but she feared of her husband. 



Lucky Marshall

Daughter of James and Katrina. She is a beautiful girl but her nature is just like her parents. She hates Angelina most. Because she jealous of Angelina's beauty. She wants to kill Angelina. She wants to becomes Dylan's queen. She us waiting for the day Dylan will visit their park and she will trapped him in her beauty. 



Khurshida Khushi

#13 in Fantasy
#1 in Horror
#1 in Paranormal

Story about: possessive werewolf king

Edited: 28.02.2021

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