His Love & Hate


Of all the contradictions that exist in the world, 'Loving a person whom we hate and hating a person whom we love' is the epic one. 

Is it possible to Love & Hate a same person? 

Is it possible to show a Lovely hate and deadly love to the same one? 

Is it possible for an angel to fall in love with a devil?

Let's find out. 


Elizabeth Summers, a 21 years old, beautiful, strong and kind hearted woman. She works at a cafe and leads a normal life with her boyfriend. She is an embodiment of goodness who helps everyone. She completes her graduation and plans to do higher studies. Her life takes a drastic turn when she met an arrogant and an evil billionaire. 

Ian Cruz Williams, a 25 years old, devilishly handsome, evil and manipulative C.E.O. of Williams enterprises. He never regrets killing any person who comes in his way. He gets whatever he wants in his life. 

What happens when Ian sees Elizabeth as the one whom he ever wanted in his life? 

Will Elizabeth submits herself to Ian? Or will she fight? 

He or she? 

Who will win? 

Love or hate? 

Which will win? 




Varshitha Kancharla

Edited: 05.01.2021

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