His midnight sun


            a glimpse from within the novel.

   ''I didn't know creatures of the lore also washed.'' She said, her eyes traveling over the wide expanse of his broad chest, he caught her starring and smiled and she felt her cheeks heat again.

   '' And I didn't know you would wake this early.'' He walked further into the room and picked up a shirt she had not noticed before and wore. ''Stop starring at me Tara -- for your own good.'' He said, his back still turned to her. '' I would return you back to the front of the city gates where you would be found by the council gaurds this morning and you would spread no more heresies. When Mogo Sho -- when the wife of Mogo Sho passes, you would get married to him and he would be so delighted in you, he would actually make you happy.''

   Tara felt her eyes cloud with tears and she was furious because she rarely ever cried. ''Why are you saying this!''

   ''Because it is what is going to happen.''

   '' I would not make him happy!'' She shouted defiantly. 'I swear I'll let only thoughts of you fill my head I will even call out your name when he mounts me and he would be so angry, he would have me beheaded.''

   He didn't raise his voice but she felt somehow that she had annoyed him. ''I will never let anything happen to you.''

   She crawled out of the bed and went to stand in front of him. ''And why is that Raig Swain, why wouldn't you let anything happen to me?'' She asked, digging her hand under his shirt to feel his broad chest and steel like muscles. ''Why didn't you let that ware wolf take me infront of the city gates?'' She searched his eyes with her own. '' My family says I was caught in a hunt yesterday yet all I remember is waking up infront of my door. Did you save me again Raig Swain? Why do you care about me?'' She leaned up and pressed her lips to his own, kissing him with the little she had learned when he had kissed her before. When she felt his arms come around her, she drew him down to the bed with her then his mouth was on the delicate curve of her neck, all over her body, kissing and teasing her till she understood with awe what it meant to seduce.




It was on. Tara knew the creatures of the lore were finally destroying Mistera. They no longer hid in shadows but we're very visible as all around her, the dead bodies of people who had been taken lay.

    Vampires sucked from people, draining them till they fell lifeless to the floor, the warewolves attacked and the shape shifters tore at the hearts of people then she saw Raig Swain.

   The dragon himself rode to her on full speed yet it was like in a slow motion. She watched him ride to her with cold focus in his eyes, eyes that had ones looked at her with such tenderness it made her heart ache. There was no tenderness in his eyes now, there was only purpose.

   The wind blew at his hair as he stopped right in front of her. But why was he looking at her like that? Surely, he didn't plan to destroy her too. He had said he cared about her. She had felt it with his hands on her skin, with the way he kissed her.

   ''You would not harm me Raig Swain.'' Her voice broke and even though she tried to be brave, she was afraid, unsure.

   He inclined his head. ''It's fated.''

   ''But you said... You said I should follow my heart. My heart led me to you. I love you.'' She was crying now, silently as the tears ran down her face, mingling with her long tangled hair.

   He smiled but it was a cold smile that didn't reach his eyes. ''I never said I will follow mine.'' And at that moment, Tara knew she was taken.



If you are tired of the usual romance stories and along with heart trilling romance, you want a bit of suspense and intrigue then this book is for you.



June Estee

Edited: 12.02.2021

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