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Mayra's POV~

I was really excited to visit Singhania's mansion. They invited me to a party organized by Mahir Singhania, son of Sanam Singhania, a popular business who used to earn millions but always gave his money to orphanages and schools. He was my favourite icon and his son was exactly like him but a little bit rough. 

Their daughter Kaira Singhania is a student in the school where I'm a physical education teacher. She is dumb. But it's not permanent. Maybe in her past, she saw something worse and that's why it really affected her badly. She is calm and innocent and so much creative but I was shocked to find his guardian was Mahir Singhania. There was no other member of her family to receive her from the school and even for other PTMs, only he attended. 

I think he is really attached to her because yesterday it was the first time when she opened her mouth to speak something. And the first word for Mahir uncle. Even for the first time, she called his name and he took her to their home in so much excitement. 

The scene was really amazing when she called him Mahir uncle and he jumped in happiness. It was as if he got his everything. His eyes filled with tears of joy and he asked me, “You looked? She called me uncle for the first.” 

I also nodded but didn't dare to interrupt their beautiful moment. 

Another moment, he stood up and hugged me in utter excitement, saying, “She spoke. God listen to our prayers.” 

For a moment, I didn't dare to move my hands to his back and give him comfort but then my hands automatically started rubbing his back, whispering, “Yeah sir.” 

“Yes,” he said in excitement but then abruptly broke the hug and looked down, whispering, “Sorry for that.” 

To be honest, I didn't feel uncomfortable because it was his happiness level that he couldn't control himself and honestly whispered, “It's ok.” 

Without speaking anything, he crouched down at her level and hung her bag on his shoulder to leave. 

But I was really confused that aren't the other members care for her? And especially why not her mother because she has not even died. 

Well, I'm talking about her a lot because whenever I see her, I feel a lot of attachment, like she is someone to me. Someone, my own. 

As soon as I was done with my dress up, for final, I looked at myself. Not like a princess but not even like a maid. I was looking medium but I must say I was looking beautiful! 


Just a help for imagining the dress Mayra wore. 

The party was for the celebration of Kaira so I wore light pink because it was her favorite. Yeah, she couldn't speak but as I motivated her to speak, she told me once this it's her favorite colour. 

It was my first time when I wearing a traditional wear otherwise I always prefered lose manly clothes that always hid me but were comfortable for me. 

Just after when I was leaving, Rehan called me. 

I answered his call, and uttered, “Yes Rehan. Are you alright?” 

“Of course I'm. By the way where are you now and when would you leave?” He asked. 

“Just in another moment. Any work?” I asked him. 

“Well, you already know but you chose that party over me. I'm really pissed off you but only because your father asked me to marry you, I'm doing a favour. In return of my favour, she should obey my words but you straightly refused for a coffee date. You're so mean Mayra,” he started taunting me. 

“Why do you always poke that matter? Your friend Raina stopped me to do that and you are also aware of it. I was ready to refuse for the party but Raina forced me because she had some work with you. And by the way, instead of telling me the reason for calling me, why are you dragging that matter in between?” I also answered but not in a loud voice because I can't do this. 

He heaved a loud sigh and uttered, “As tomorrow is Sunday, I want to meet you early in the morning. Near 9am and I'm telling you now so you can leave the party earlier and wake up early in the morning to meet me. I'll come to receive you. Just be ready and bye,” and before I could ask anything, he disconnected the line. 

It's a nice method for him to take my every permission. Without asking me, he makes decisions and never lets me do anything with my opinions. 

Not even my dad's fault, because when he was alive, Rehan used to behave like an obedient child and now, when he is not here, in front of his eyes to protect me, Rehan takes advantage in a very nice way. 

To be honest, I hope that after marriage he will stop doing this and will walk step by step instead of leaving me behind in this path of life. 


After reaching their house, I was first welcomed by the bodyguards. So long and bulky they were. 

They asked my name and when I told them, the other muttered something near his ear and then he walked inside. 

“Sorry for the trouble Ms Mayra. But can you just please wait for a moment?” He asked and I just nodded. 

After a minute, that man came but he was walking behind him; Mahir Singhania. 

He was looking amazing in his charcoal gray suit. The upper button of his shirt was opened and he was walking gracefully towards me. Just like always, his dark orbs were making him look deadly. Why! He is such a killer. But wait Mayra… you're going to get married, my subconscious slapped me and I quickly blinked. 

Once he reached me, he greeted me, offering his hand for a shake with a smile, “Hello Ms Mayra. Hope you didn't find any problem coming?” 


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