Hope: steeping out of darkness

Chapter 1

It was a cloudy day. It was a blessing in disguise to have a rain in moody April. The last bell rung and their was a flood of kids in colored clothes coming out of the school gate and there were parents waiting for their kids outside the gate. Every kid came out with a bright smile and shiny eyes glowing with the future dreams. 

In that crowd there was a kid walking slow; unaware of the crowd around him. He came out of the school and started walking on the left lane from his school in that same position staring at the ground as in he is trying to find out something. He walked almost three blocks and then turned right; crossing about three streets he opened the big white gate of the house and  went inside, as he walked in, brown hairy puppy came running towards him and started moving around his legs.

“Hey Barcky!!” He called.

“How was your day? Boy said by rubbing his hand around Barcky’s neck.

Barcky was excited to see him and was trying to hug him with his little legs.

“Come on boy! Let’s meet dad. Let’s see who wins” he said and started running and Barcky followed him.

Fatima Khan

#694 in Thrillers & Suspense
#243 in Suspense

Story about: love, suffering, tregedy

Edited: 27.09.2020

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