Huntress Awaken

Chapter 1

The Past - His POV:

My world was disappearing in blood and tears. I held my beloved bride, her fangs piercing through her lips as she lay dying. If only I had noticed it. If only I had sensed the danger before it was too late. I begged her to live. Her matted hair that was once so beautiful; soaked in blood. I ripped the poison arrows out of her stomach, but it gave off a burning sensation. I dropped it to the ground and looked at my hand. Burns and charcoaled skin slowly started to heal as smoke leaked from the wound. The blasted akhetny flower.

I was on a field, near a cliff; waters churning below like my heart, the wind bringing the smell of death, cherry blossoms, and lilies, while my arms bore the weight of death. My only concern; the still body pierced by a single arrow. Violent gagging came over and I was going to explode. I didn't care where I was, I didn't care if I was standing at the edge of hell; today; my face would never wipe off the feeling of sadness.

Not a lot can kill a vampire, but this damn flower will kill even the most powerful demon. I looked down at my beloved bride of two minutes was dying. Darkened veins started to shine and grow through her skin. Her arms weak and her eyes sunk in; the life was draining out right before my eyes. Her gasps for air became less as she choked on her own fluid; her arms twitched haphazardly.. I tried keeping her in place, but it was no use. She wheezed and coughed in agony.

 "No, don't leave me. Beloved, don't leave me." The thought of losing her was too much to bear. With all her strength; my beloved tried to form words in a hushed, tired tone.

"Mon Cher..." She barely had a voice to speak. "Mon Cher... We will meet again" I wanted her here with me. Dark tears started to drip down my cheeks; falling on her as well. "Find me again, in another life.” Confusion barely had a chance to plague my thoughts, the overbearing sadness and darkness pooling in my stomach was the worst feeling. She forced herself up; trying to bless me with one more kiss, her dying kiss. I slowly leaned down, prepared for our final kiss; but it never comes. 

My eyes went wide to see her once lively and beautiful orbs open. Cloudy, and sunken; the veins popped in her skin. She lay there, still and dead. My voice echoed in pain, screaming as I begged for anything, everything to bring her back. My voice burned but I kept screaming, warm and salty tears dripped as the clouds rolled by. Then, my heart hardened. Hate and revenge burned in my muscles, my fangs bare and bright.

The Future - Her POV:

Quick, rapid dodges; I used all my remaining energy to slice the throat of the demon. A horrible sight that I don’t ever want to see again. Clouded eyes, jagged thorns, exposed dark ribcage, dripping and bloody fangs; they were horrifying to look at, and the smell was worse. A mix of death and feces. Skin and water dripped from their arms as they gave a demonic growl, echoing amongst the thick wood. I said the first thing that came to mind, the most painstakingly honest thing I've said in two months.

"You are some, ugly mother fuckers," I said before suddenly ripping a small pistol from my holster. I shot one of them in the head; the body collapsing to the ground. Spinning around; I sliced one of the eyes open of the second demon. The sight; the black liquid that looked more like oozing sewage dripping from its eye. The overwhelming urge to vomit won. Bent over, a mix of food and blood escaped my throat, leaving a burn and a bad taste.

"Oh, that's fucked up on a whole new level. What is that shit?" I groan out, my fingers tracing the corners of my lips. They roared at me with the foulest breath. Reaching into the pocket of my jacket; I pulled out a glowing ink colored bottle, I groaned at myself in the worst way possible. "Alright, let's become a cliché."


Ember Leigh Joy

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