I Fell For The Muslim Girl

Chapter 1 : I am Camila Ahmad

Note :  Please mind the grammatical

             errors because my native

             language is not English. It is my

             second language.

This book was inspired by the story of my life. I'm a muslim and once had a boyfriend who is a none muslim.

Anyway enjoy it!


"Camila!!!" I heard my mom's voice calling me from downstairs. I was totally late for school and now she wouldn't stop yelling my name until I got my ass downstairs.


"I'll be down in a minute, mom. I'm just looking for my phone. Stop yelling my name!" I yelled back.


"Well, you better hurry up! You're gonna miss the bus!"


"I'm coming!" I called. Oh crap! This was the third time I was late for school. I would definitely be walking for half an hour to school if I didn't hurry up. I quickly grabbed my phone which was under my pillow the whole time and went sprinting downstairs.


"I'll see you later, mom." I kissed her on the forehead and rushed outside to catch the bus. I hope I'll make it in time.


"Wait!? Wait for me!" I yelled while running towards the bus. It was a good thing that I got there just in time before the door to the bus closed.


"Thank you for waiting, Mr. Jefferson." I smiled at the bus driver that I've known since I was 13 when I had my first bus ride to high school.


"Of course, Camila." he smiled back and closed the door. I took a seat next to Derin who was my best friend since high school. The pink hijab she was wearing today really matched her skin tone.


"You're lucky this time." she smirked. I narrowed my eyes at her and stared out of the windshield as we rode to school.


The bus ride took about 15 minutes to school and we arrived 10 minutes before the first period started. Derin and I got off the bus and walked together into the school building.


Derin was beautiful. She had brown eyes and a round face shape. I admired her curves very much. We've been friends since the first day we met in high school after we bumped into each other at the library.


Our friend, Adam was waving at us when we got to the school hallway. We walked towards him and greeted each other. I've been friends with Adam and Derin for over 5 years now. This year was our senior year and we were looking forward to graduate high school together.


Adam was a very attractive guy at school. He was tall and muscular. He kept his firm muscular body in shape with a 30 minutes run every morning. He was also the captain of our school football team. We were very close but considered ourselves as siblings. He was more like a brother to me.


Soon we heard the school bells ringing and we immediately ran to class. We went separated ways because they didn't take history class with me. I would be seeing them again during lunchtime.




"Hey. How's history class?" Derin asked, wrapping her arm around me.


"Still boring." I rolled my eyes.


"Oh, stop it! Let's go get some lunch."


"Yea. Yea. Alright. Where's Adam anyway?"

"He just texted me. He's already waiting for us at the cafe." she smiled.




I dropped my lunch tray onto the table and sat down next to Derin. I didn't really have the appetite to eat but joined them anyway. I saw the school crowd was buzzing about something but I didn't really hear what they were saying.


"What's new?" I asked Adam.


"Apparently, there's a new kid who just got transferred to our school."


"Who's the new kid?"


"I don't know. I heard that his name is Justin and he just got transferred from England." he shrugged his shoulders.


"Oh." I responded, taking a bite of my apple. I found myself having no interest to know about the new kid after all.


After lunchtime was over, we went to our lockers. My locker was a little bit further from theirs. We dropped all the books from the last class in it and gathered the books that we needed for the next period.

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