I Hate you too

5 years later

Once upon a time, there was a ruthless prince who fell in love with an innocent princess, they had a baby girl and they lived happily ever after. Is that what you thought?


After 5 blissful years, Asmaira's world shattered in just a moment. Her life took a drastic turn in such a way, there was no turning back, there was no innocent Asmaira anymore. Only a soulless body walking on the earth, who lost her everything, her family, her happiness, and most important her freedom. And the person who was responsible for her misery was none other than Amaan Hashmi, whom she loved with every bit of her, whom she trusted more than herself and who in return to all her love, vowed to make her life a living hell. A life where she would beg him to kill her than to suffer his wrath.

Oblivious Amaan doesn't know, he cannot break something which was already broken beyond repair.

So what exactly happened between them? What went wrong?  Why Amaan is hell-bent to destroy Asmaira and why Asmaira was no more the innocent Asmaira anymore?



Please do read the prequel to know the character and how their fate by intertwined by destiny. I would thank my reader Chinedu UDEAGWU for letting me know I missed out mentioning it before, confusing the new readers. And like I always say Peace and Love.


Edited: 26.10.2020

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