I Need You


Emily raced to her work place, she was twenty minutes late she hope madam Lisa doesn’t notice her absence it was hard getting the job and she does not want to lose it  at least don’t when she doesn’t have another alternative, she got there breathing hard she got to the dressing room and change to her uniform and came out packing her hair in a bun she hurry to the counter to attend to customers she greeted Lovett, her co-worker “you are late again madam Lisa was so angry the customers had to wait a long time” she mouthed sorry as she attend to the customer that came in front of her, very soon she got busy attending to customers but then she noticed Lovett arguing with a customer causing distraction, she move closer to her and ask what the matter was “he refused to pay for what he brought” she said really upset Emily turn to face the customer, it was a guy in his late twenties she ask Lovett to switch places with her Lovett move to the another counter and continue to attend to the customers while she faced the man “what can I do for you” she asked politely the man sighs showed her the things he brought “I forgot my wallet and I need the stuff and I promise to come back and pay for them”
 “am sorry but there’s a rule here, we are not allowed to sell to customers without them paying unless you have something you could put down as a guarantee that you will surely come back with the money” He searched his body for anything he could put down “can I put down my coat I don’t seem to have anything on me” he said taking off his coat “that will not be necessary” she said, she checked the total amount for the goods brought it was $760
“it seems you really need the stuff but please make sure you are back before today ends to pay the money she pleaded and hand over the goods to him “thank you so much I really appreciate this” he said and leave in a rush, he come back again and Emily wondered what else he wanted he pick a paper from the desk and ask her for a pen she gave him one from her pocket he wrote down a number and handed it over to her “if you ever need any help just call this number” he said and left.
 “You just allow him go without paying?”
       “am sure he will come back to pay the money he seems to be in hurry to somewhere important” she explain to Lovett who doesn’t see her decision as a good one “I hope you know what you are doing” she said they both continue their work the guy didn'tcome back till they close for the day Emily managed to escape giving madam Lisa the detail of the day sales but she hopes by tomorrow he would come and pay the money, if madam Lisa founds out  she will definitely lose her job she walk to the subway the bus already arrive and was picking up passengers she ran quickly to join the group of people entering the bus she sat down tiredly she brought out her phone and check for messages from her younger ones there was none “they must be doing fine then” she thought and put the phone down to rest a little bit before she reaches her destination she got down and walk the remaining distance home dragging her feet she got to the fast food restaurants close to her house the light was on she went in and met Steve and Louis busy as usual serving customers she went and join them it was past ten when they were free enough to have dinner they all settle down on a table at the corner of the shop they laugh and talk as they eat after their dinner they close up and walk home together when Steve got to his doorstep he wave them goodnight Emily and Louis also went in they met Lucy lying down watching the TV, Louis pull her leg down and sat down relaxing Lucy hit him and sit upright as she pick up the bottle on the table to have a drink but Louis beat her to it they both fight over the bottle they both ended up spilling it all over the floor Emily watch them argue she left them to take a shower she came out and met Lucy waiting by the door she quickly run in “we seriously need to move to a place with two bathroom” she shouted “then you should start working instead of lazing about all day” Emily replied her and she walk to hers and Lucy’s room she lie on the bed taking a rest from the day’s work her mind went to the guy she sold to on credit at the store she really hope he comes back tomorrow and pay up she doesn’t like getting scold by Madam Lisa she’s quite abusive and hot tempered she remember the guy writing her a number she stood up and check her bag the note wasn’t there “maybe she left it at the store she will just look for it tomorrow” she lie back to sleep hoping to get enough rest for tomorrow.
The car came to a halt, Aiden pick up the stuff he brought and quickly run into the house he check his time and speed up his pace he saw Monica cuddling Kelvin he walk up to them, Kelvin sighted him and went to hug him Aiden hug him back “its fine uncle is here now” he said to calm him down he seems sacred and sad Aiden faced Monica and ask her what happened
“I just step out to dispose the bin and met her trying to kill herself and Kelvin I was able to stop her and snatch Kelvin away from her but before I could do anything further she ran inside her room and lock herself up I tried opening the door but I can’t I was scared she was going to hurt herself that’s why I called you” she narrated 
“Do you hear any sound from the room since she lock herself up?”  
     “No” she replied 
Aiden moved to the door and knock gently “sis it’s me open up” he said and knock again still no response he took out brunch of keys from his pocket and unlock the door he move inside his eyes searching for her “sis I brought your…….” He stop his sentence when he saw her sitting on the floor her top she was putting on has blood stain on it “you even have the keys to my room now sounds like I don’t even have my privacy anymore your family seems to be in control of everything you are our life dictator now aren’t you” she said and laugh weakly Aiden bent down beside her and check her left arm it was bleeding he brought out the stuff he brought bandage, disinfectant and many others and start applying first aid to her wound “my husband, there is no way he won’t do that he is innocent and was framed he will never hurt a fly he’s innocent he didn’t do all what they said he did” Aiden continue treating her arm trying not to let his tears fall after he was done he pull her into a hug “I believe brother and I believe he’s innocent” he said but was push away forcefully by her making him fall on the ground hurting his bones “you don’t believe him you are just deceiving me to believe you do you think my husband is a criminal he’s your brother how could you” she shouted raising her voice too high that Kelvin has to hold Monica tightly due to fear of his mother he hates it when she behaves like this Aiden stood up ignoring the pain he was feeling and hug her again consoling her she burst into tears letting herself rest on him for more thirty minutes she finally calm down and he led her to her bed and ask Monica to change her dress and make her comfortable to enable her to sleep well , while he goes attend to Kelvin he lead him to his room and tuck him in bed he wanted to leave since he has to go to office tomorrow but Kelvin begged him to stay till he sleeps he pick up one of his bedtime storybook and read to enable him sleep “do you think mum will ever regain her senses and grandfather will accept us back?” 
Aiden stop reading the story not knowing how to reply him not wanting to lie or hurt him “I just hope things go back to normal again I miss our old home” he said and fall asleep shortly after, feeling too tired to drive home, Aiden lie down beside Kelvin in bed and before he knew it he slept off forgetting all about the counter girl he promise to come back and pay money to.
He woke up the next day and find himself sleeping on his nephew’s bed he left there quietly and drove back to his house to prepare for the day he texted Monica and ask her to be extra attentive and make sure such never happens again when he got home his secretary was already waiting for him he greeted him as he hurry to the shower to take a bath after almost an hour he was done dressing up he sat down to eat breakfast as his secretary read the day schedule to him he nodded at every word he says not really paying attention he got to his office and started the day work their company is working on their new product and there was much work to do although he had less work to do since they just need his signature to approve documents unlike his secretary who had a load of work he just came back from a meeting with a business partner when his mind went to Erica and Kelvin he dialed Monica number she pick up at the first ring he ask about the two and she told him they are doing fine “that’s good” he said and end the call he tried recalling something, it seems like he was forgetting something but he could not remember what it was he called his secretary and ask him if there anything he forget to tell him  he answered negatively but Aiden was sure there is something he was forgetting he got home and pull his tie off at the living room he was about pulling off his shirt when he saw the nylon of the stuff he brought yesterday then he remember promising to come back to pay “oh shit that’s was it” he quickly buttoned back his shirt, pick up his car keys and wallet he zoom off to the store hoping he was not too late.
The students troupe Into the classroom trying to get there before the professor, Emily also rush in with them she try getting a seat at the front but it was already filled she look around to see if she could still get a good seat at the front she sighted an empty seat at the fourth row she quickly rush to sit there the lecture was sure interesting and at the end of it they were giving an assignment after the professor move out everybody followed, Emily went to the school cafeteria and met Angel her only friend in school and her house owner’s only child although they both claim to be friends they don’t have good relationship with each other, Angel always show off the fact that her parents are building owners she sees Emily as a subordinate who is lowly than her rather than a friend although Emily doesn’t want to befriend her but it would not be good for her to get on her house owner bad side making friends with her enable them to always pay their rents later than the other occupants she sit beside her and greeted her with a smile but Angel doesn’t seem to be in a good mood “did Neil do something wrong again?” she asked and Angel nodded positively, Neil is her boyfriend of six years but he always cheat on her with different girls anytime it happens they broke up for a short period of time and come back together Emily always wondered what her friend sees in him she has advise her dear friend to let go of the cheat but she refused and claim she was just jealous of her relationship since she doesn’t have boyfriend, speaking of the devil Neil came to join them on the table he pecked Angel’s cheek as he sat down in front of her “hi Emily” he greeted throwing flirty smiles at her “I lost my appetite” Emily said and gave him a disgust look before leaving with her plates she look back at the two giggling as Neil kiss her all over she walk out and enter an empty class  she sat down and play games with her phone she would just stay here until it’s time for her to head to work she stop playing with her phone and think about her life unlike the other girls in their mid-twenties whose goal is to chase after their dreams, find love and probably travel around, she has no such thing as her dream or love rather she wants the best for her twins siblings she promise their father on his dead bed she going take care of them she never imagine earning a living could be this hard she took two years break from school to enable her siblings stay in school to finish high school and to raise enough money for her last year in college. It is really hard but still bearable she hope once she graduates she gets a well-paying job she check her time again she has twenty minutes to arrive at work she quickly gathered her things and leave hoping to catch the bus before it leaves the station she arrive at work at exactly 4:30pm she met Lovett in the changing room just changing her dress she joined her and they both walk out together they got to the counter and saw Madam Lisa with the two other workers they work the afternoon shift they were standing with their heads bow and their hands crossed behind them they both quickly walk to them and join the other two  “my money is missing and I can’t seem to find it anywhere I check the record and some goods were not paid for, does anyone of you have something to say about this?”
Emily raised her hand and explain yesterday event to Madam Lisa she told her the customer promised to come back to pay up “so you gave a good worth $12460 away” Emily was confused for a minute the goods was not up to a thousand dollars yesterday she calculated them before handling over the goods yesterday “I think there is a mistake somewhere the money was not anything close to that” she argued but madam Lisa won’t hear any of it.
Emily walk aimlessly the same street for over thirty minutes, she just got fired just like that it was almost time for them to receive their pay but she got fired with nothing she sat down in front of a closed building as she watched Lisa’s place from afar where will she go in search of another job as perfect as this it didn’t collide with her school timetable, the work is good and the pay is good she stood up again and sat down back she have no idea where to go to find another job, she stood up after minutes of indecision and decide to head home to think of the next step she walk few steps and saw a grey car parked in front of her she waited to see who it was, she watch as the driver alert from the car and walk toward her “you!” she said angrily waiting for him to reach her “do you know what you caused me, you promised to come pay up since yesterday and disappeared, as a man with a big car aren’t you suppose to keep your promise do you feel good lying to me” she rant on in anger not allowing him say a word “what are you doing here anyway did you come to laugh at me for being so stupid and trusting someone like you who can’t keep their promise”
    “Am sorry” he said
Emily look at him in the eyes and saw he meant the word she calm down a little bit and they both stare at each other Emily was lost in the handsomeness her mind soften a bit as the sight of the handsome tall guy in front of her, composing herself she take her eyes off him she can’t let herself be carried away by his look and forget he was the reason she was fired from work “hum” she clears her throat and put on a serious look Aiden tittered finding her behavior funny she was obviously mesmerize by his look and was trying hard to look angry at him “what’s funny?” she said crossing her hands across her chest “nothing and am sorry for coming back late I heard at the store that you no longer work there”
 “You think sorry will solve the issue here I got sack because of you” she said raising her voice high 
“What do you want to do for you then?”
      “Get me a job, since I lost my job because of you get me another job a good one just like the one I just lost”
“Okay I will get you a job”
         “What!” she said, surprise at his response 
  “It may not be the same as the one you just lost though” he said 
He gave her another number and told her to make sure she call the number this time he offer her a ride but she declined he left and drive off, Emily was still standing at the same place minutes after he left “could he be playing tricks on her” she wondered starring at the number in the paper he gave to her, she dropped it in her bag and walk toward the subway there is no loss in trying she will call the number tomorrow and see what’s in store for her he was driving a nice car he must be rich enough to get her a part time job she thought on her way home and wish she really gets another job tomorrow.
Aiden got home and was inform by the housekeeper that he had a visitor he stop in his track and turn to face the housekeeper “where is this visitor?” he asked 
“I told her to stay in the living room she said she’s your fiancée and went into your bedroom I couldn’t stop her” she explained he nodded and dismiss her, he went straight to his bedroom with mixed feelings he was not sure whether he was happy to see her or it was the opposite he walk to his room not sure of how to receive her it been three months since they have seen each other  Aiden didn’t know what happened or how it happened but he and Alysa drift apart from each other although he tried to fill the gap in their relationship it just didn't work between them and Alysa doesn’t seems interested in doing so, she left the country three months ago to exploit the world as she claimed and left their relationship unexplained although he love her and their parents approved of their relationship Alysa doesn’t and always toy with his feelings but he still held on to their relationship hoping she would see his love for her and learn to love him back but after eight years of one sided love he saw no hope since she made it pretty obvious she was just playing around with him he open the door and close it quietly behind him he look around and saw her sitting in front of the mirror dolling herself up she look back and smile broadly at him she walk up to him and gave him a hug surprising him “I miss you Aiden” she said the smile not leaving her face “when did you come back?” he ask his hands in his pockets she release her grasps on him “you don’t sound happy to see me do you?” he chuckle and walk away from her and sat at the edge of the bed “what’s wrong didn’t you miss me as much as I miss you?” she went to join him on the bed and sat too close leaving no space between them she moved her hands slowly from his chest to his lips “I miss those” she said seductively she kissed him fully on the lips and Aiden respond to the kiss covering her mouth fully with his but on a second thought he pushed her away from him breaking their kiss Alysa frown her face in disapproval wondering what went wrong she brought her face closer but he averted it “what’s wrong baby?” she sulk
     “Am not interested” he said and move away from her
 “You mean you are not interested in me?”
        “Alysa am not your sex toy who you can just come to anytime you want and have your way with I mean all we ever share was sex that’s the only thing you want with me”
“What are you talking about? Don’t you love me anymore” she pouted 
     “You left me for three months without contacting me, I had no idea where you were and two weeks after you left, there were pictures of you and another guy all over the internet and now you come back and pretend as if nothing happened after cheating on me”
“okay lover boy get this right I did not cheat on you ok, that guy you saw a nobody and besides you never mind about all those things before so what’s your deal now?”
“Let’s put an end to this, it's obvious it not working let’s just call the engagement off”
   “What! You can’t be serious” she said totally perplexed
“Let’s break off our engagement, since you want so much freedom am giving it to you”
   “But you love me or don’t you anymore?”
      “I have decided to end my one sided love for you right here and right now”


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