Im Not Her

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chapter 1

lyrics pov

 it's Been two years since our memories are blurred I miss your lips. But still, they talk about the things we were
They talk about us when it was just us, not her and you.
we were so good But I don't know the things that you have heard I guess you are better off with her.  I read the fifth letter that his ex sent him its really pissing me off he still loves her I can tell. "where are you ben" I mumble to myself. I turn the corner and I see her pushed up against him kissing him I push past her and go up to him "oh so this is what we are doing now? you said you loved me and that you were over her. I knew you wanted her all along but why bring me into this" I yell in his face "I'm sorry she came up to me I love you not her please don't do this to me baby i-i -i" I cut him off "shut up already you knew what you were doing I'm tired of fake like everything is ok ben. I will never be her I'm Never gonna move like her look like her and you know what I'm sorry that I wasn't what you wanted"I'm crying by now I turn around and walk away not before looking at face she smiling I don't see how somebody I used to be best friends with can do something like that. I go into the girl's bathroom and cry until the end of the day. I head home "hey Hunny how was school," my mom says " bad mom really bad," I said through my tears she runs up to me "oh baby what's wrong?" I cry even louder ï-i-i'm not her mom he doesn't want me because I'm not here" I say as she pulls me on the couch she just hugs me and lets me cry. that's why I love my mom she doesn't have to say anything to me to make me feel alright. I cry my self to sleep and dread going to school tomorrow.






guys this is my second book I hope you like it please give me feedback


Edited: 24.07.2020

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