"You sent for me ma'am?" A young brunette walked into a study room, she had a long face, honey colored eyes that will invoke every ounce of passion in one. A medium full pink color lips. She looks thin, her long wavy hair covering the rest of her face, seeming to bury her in her own self. She stood fiddling the hem of the apron she wore on a loose fitting knee level gown. Her head bent as she studied her black leather sandals which looked old with mere looking at it. With one look, one can tell she was trembling. The air condition in the room was moderate but she was trembling and definitely not from cold but because of the woman, sitting opposite her on a sofa, casually sipping her coffee.

The woman has short blonde hair, transparent gray eyes, a few wrinkles is seen on her face but she still looked exquisite, graceful with the way she sips her coffee. She was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, dressed in a designer's top and a plain black pants. Her shoe's heels were pointed and looked quite sharp. She gently placed her coffee cup on the saucer then place it on the stool beside her, "what are you in my house?" She asked in a voice that sounds gentle but sends chills down the girl's back.

"I don't understand ma'am" she whispered.

"What are you in my house?" The woman repeated but with her voice chilling a few degrees.

The girl trembled and her fingers shook but she gulped and answered, "a maid ma'am."

"Good. So you know you are a maid, why do you go after my son?"

At the question, the girl's head sprang up, one would see the look of horror on her face, she opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.

"Lilian, I'm going to say this once, it will be my first and last warning to you. The very day I will see you acting coquettishly near my son, is the day you will take your last breath."

"But ma'am I..." She tried to protest.

"Let me finish!" The woman's voice was law as the girl clammed up immediately, "I have received complaints about you and God help me Lilian, the day I will see for myself" she shook her head, "pray, that I show mercy for I won't" she looked at the girl, "do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Stay away from my son, stay away from Shane. You are a maid and a maid remains a maid. A maid works like a maid, will be paid like a maid and will die as a maid, do you understand?"

No matter how much the girl rejects her words, she still nodded, "yes ma'am."

"Whatever dreams you have with my son, abolish it. For no son of mine will be together with an imperfect girl. Follow in your family's footstep. Your mother married my servant, I have many more male servants, if you really want to be with a man, I can gift one to you but you will never, not in my house, not in my life, be with my son!" Her face tightened as she made her last sentence, "never."

Lillian's eyes welled up but she stifled her sob and nodded, "yes ma'am."

The woman stared at her like one will look at an unworthy object in disgust, "get out of my sight" she shooed her and the girl curtsied before turning, opening the door and running out of the office. She closed the door after her, her legs grew weak when she was out.

She cupped her hand on her mouth to silence her sobs as the tears came pouring down her face like waterfall. She took a step, then a second one before slumping on the floor, her shoulders shook with her silence sobs and she wondered what kind of life she was burn into.

Footsteps sounded on the hallway and she scrambled to her feet immediately, she dabbed at her eyes with the back of her hands, sniffling in the process to clear her nose.

A tall, black haired guy appeared at the end of the hallway, he has a transparent gray eyes just like the woman, his black hair was slicked back, parted at the side, his jaw was strong, his nose pointed and a thin line for his lips. A one week old stubbles were visible under his jaw, he froze for a second when he saw her and then was by her side in quick strides. He grab her shoulders tightly, a frown written on his face, "Lily, what is it? Why are you crying?" He looked up at the door beside her and understanding dawned on him, "what did she say to you?" He whispered.

Lily sniffed and shook her head softly, she forced a smile his way, "nothing, she just called to ask me a few things" she gulped.

"What did she ask you?"

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, opening them again, she looked at him, "I'm sorry sir, but if there is nothing else I will do for you, I will like to return to the kitchen."

The young man was visibly shocked at her words, "Lily what do you mean?"

"I'm sorry sir but can I go now?"

"Lily..." He wanted to say something when the door opened and the woman from earlier stood beside it, he quickly let his hands on her shoulders drop to his sides. The woman looked from the man to the girl, she communicated to the girl with her eyes.

"I'm sorry sir, if there is nothing else, I will leave first" Lily looked at the woman and bowed her head slightly, "ma'am" then to the man, "sir" she walked off immediately, not daring to look back. This is how it was supposed to be. This was how she had wanted it to be, do her job, earn her salary then carry on with her dream to go to college but her heart betrayed her, it fell for the one man she can never dream of having in this world. The one man that will never be hers.

Goodness Shadrach

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