Intense Love

Stressed over marriage



Author's POV

It was the last week of December, acclaimed for the 'Wedding month' as most couples likely to get married this month. In an enormous opened faultlessly planned room, which was giving the obsessive worker vibes. 

A young woman remaining close to the counter was making refreshments for her associates. Her lovely earthy-colored hair was falling back, uncovering her delightful side. Her eyes were gleaming, brilliant like the sun. A grin shaped all the rage as she took the cups loaded up with espresso and strolled outward. 

Putting cups on her partner's work areas, she moved to her friend, who looked disappointed. With a sweet, worried tone, she inquired. "What befell you, Xia Na?" Turning her head, she confronted her as she clarified. "Same obviously, XingYue. The dealer isn't answering my messages, and I need to make this deal successful." Massaging her temples, she hurled herself back on the seat as she panted. "For what reason is my life so extreme? Gracious, god. Kindly favor me." Chuckling at her acting, XingYue passed the cup to her. "Here is your favorite cappuccino. Presently buckle down for it." 

Gesturing her head, she took the cup and tasted it. "Mmm! You never baffle me." Patting her head, she cheered her. "Xia Na, don't take the pressure, alright? You can crack this deal. Cheer up!" 

Hugging her abdomen, she grinned. "You are the dearest friend somebody can at any point have. I love you. Muah!" Making a smacking sound, she extended her hands, noticeable all around as she turned around to her laptop and began working. 

Grinning at her, XingYue pivoted as she began strolling, just to get halted by a call. Closing her eyes in irritation, she ventured ahead to her work area to check the caller's name. Feigning exacerbation, she gazed at the screen when Xia Na talked. "For what reason are you not picking the call?" Pressing her lips together, she went to her and shown her phone. Wrinkling her foreheads, she added. "Your mom is calling you for the fiftieth times." 

"Furthermore, you think about what she will talk with me." She passed a pitiful grin, speculating. "About getting married?" Nodding her head in understanding, she articulated a murmur. "She only discusses with me about blind dates, marriage. It seems like she just thought often about me getting married or not?" Placing a hand on her shoulder, she communicated. "It's not like that. She wishes a good future for you." "And I'm living superbly. I don't have to get married for it." 

While they were talking, a woman intruded on them. "Hello, guys. What are you discussing?" 

"Examining XingYue's marriage, obviously, Tang Xue," reacted Xia Na. 

Gaping at her place, she identified XingYue. "Try not to stress. Everything will be okay. Coincidentally, Mr. Han is searching for you." Making a gracious face, she stood up as she gathered documents from her work area and strolled to his cabin. 



XingYue's POV


Working continuously, not even caring about the cold weather, I felt stressed. Nowadays I worked overtime only to arranged everything perfectly well. I'm an assistant to Mr. Han for three years. He was a little old as he stayed stressed because of the work, and his health didn't help well. As he was getting old, his son would be going to replace him soon, and according to the sources, his son was a serious, hardworking, and cold-hearted person who needed everything perfect. Mr. Han wanted me to keep working hard and remained an assistant for him as well. His perfection was a stressful thing for me. I'm an assistant to the CEO of the Han entertainment company. Since the day I joined, Mr. Han treated me like a daughter, and the employees who worked here never let me feel alone. I got my best friends Xia Na, Tang Xue here. 

Disregarding my musings, I thumped on the entryway as he allowed me to come in. With a drained face, I welcomed him. "Good day, Mr. Han. You were searching for me?" Gesturing me to sit down, he concurred. "Indeed, XingYue. I need to illuminate you that Han Shuo will join the organization from tomorrow. Kindly be pleasant to him and coordinate well. I realize he is a little cold individual, yet trust me, he won't treat you horrendously." 

Listening to him, I grinned. "Try not to stress. I will deal with him well." 

A grinned put all over as he looked at the dark circles close to my eyes. 

"It is safe to say that you are not resting soundly, Xing? Am I giving you a ton of work?" 

Gesturing as no with my hands, I answered. "Actually, no, not under any condition. It's just my mom continued pushing me for marriage." Leaning back on his seat, he laughed. "Once more? Why don't you acknowledge it? You realize your mother feels stressed over you." "

"I know, Mr. Han. But I'm not ready for the wedding at all. I want to live freely, and besides, I have a boyfriend who can come anytime from foreign." "Do your mom knows about it?" he asked. 

"No, she doesn't." 

Crossing his arms, he commented. "Then tell her about your feelings. I'm sure she will understand. Go home early and talk to her, okay?" Bowing my head, I took my leave as a sigh escaped from my mouth when my phone buzzed again. Pursuing my lips, I picked the call. 


XingYue: Mom! I told you I'm working. 

A hollered was heard from the opposite side as my mom reprimanded. 

Mom: Why you are always working whenever I'm calling you. Are you trying to fool me?

XingYue: Mom, you're calling me none stop from the morning. How can I focus on my work?

Mom: Stop whatever you're doing and come to the place I sent you.

Messaging her temples, she argued. 

XingYue: I'm not going on any blind date. That is my final decision. 


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