Chapter 1

It was around noon, the heat of the sun was at it's peek. Thousands of people gathered around the white temple waiting for the eclipse to occur. It was a remarkable event that the people have been waiting for.


The temple was located on a mountain in the centre of the city. Because of the height of the mountain, the temple could be seen from any location in the city.


Whenever an eclipse happens, a very serious misfortune happens in the Night Valleys. Suddenly, a young black girl appeared behind the crowd. She was wearing a brown armless shirt and trousers that barely reached her ankles. Her hair was all messy, and she had no shoes on her legs. Even though she wasn't allowed to be there, her curiosity wouldn't let her live in peace.


The news about the eclipse and the misfortune it was going to bring has been going around the city for months. It was just few minutes before the eclipse, and the high profile people of the Night Valleys started arriving at the temple.


The high profiles were in their palanquin, which was being lifted by at least four slaves. They went through a very long stairway that led to the temple which was at the top of the mountain.


Spontaneously, a white fancy cart arrived at the scene. It was being pulled by two white horses. The cart came to a halt close to the stairways. The door of the cart was quickly opened by one of the guards who were escorting the nobleman.


A man in his sixties came down from the cart with his two children beside him. He was wearing a long white furry cloak that was touching the ground. His daughter was around the same age with the black girl, she was wearing a long black gown that was slightly close to her ankles.


Meanwhile his son wearing a golden shirt, black trousers and a fancy black boots on his legs.

The whole crowd went silent when they saw the man and his family. He was the most powerful man in the whole kingdom, and it's been years since he last came out into the public.  He talked and laughed with his two children as they walked the stairways.

When the black girl saw how happy he was as he talked to his children, she was instantly engulfed by sadness. She wished she could walk up to him and reveal to him that she was also his daughter. She leaned her head against the tree and watched as they walked up the stairways.


"Mira!" Someone called behind her, and when she looked behind her, she noticed that it was her friend.


"Oh please Reena, you scared the hell out of me," Mira replied, and turned to face the direction of the mountain. 


"It seems like you are forgetting your place recently," Reena stated as she walked to Mira.


"What do you mean by that?" Mira inquired.


"Have forgotten that slaves like us aren't allowed to be around the temple?" Reena reminded.


"I'm pretty much aware, but the temple is way over there," Mira pointed at the mountain.


"We are still in the premises of the temple, we are going to be in serious trouble if the guards see us," Reena cautioned.


"Don't worry, we'd leave immediately the oracle announce what will happen," Mira replied.


"What's your problem?"


"Be calm, the eclipse is about to happen."


"If we get caught, I am not going to forgive you."


"Don't worry, nobody will see us. Everybody's attention is on the sun," Mira responded.


Mira's father arrived at the top of the mountain with his two kids. Everyone was surprised to see him.


The temple was built with bricks, and it had huge pillars supporting the roof.


The priests lined up in the front of the temple, and they were all dressed in white robes. The whole temple went silent when they got in.


"Welcome!" The head of the priest said to them at the entrance of the temple.


"Thank you," Mira's father smiled. He walked to the king and his cabinet who were standing at the back of the temple.


"Good afternoon my lord," Mira's father greeted the king as he bowed the king.


"Good afternoon Gondra, I was concerned, I thought you wouldn't make it," the King smiled.


"Something unexpected happened on my way, I won't dare miss such an important day," Gondra smiled back 


Before their conversation could get intense, the head of the priest called for their attention.


"My lord, the eclipse is about to begin," she announced.


"Okay, we'll be on our way out," the King replied, and all the people in the temple walked out of the temple alongside the king.


The whole city became completely silent as everyone watched as the eclipse started slowly.


"Go and get the oracle," the head of the priest announced.


"Okay master," two people replied and headed into the temple.


They entered the temple and went to an undersized room located at the extreme of the temple. They knocked on the door and a blind girl who was around the age of ten walked out of the room. Her eyes were completely pale, and she was wearing a long black robe.


"It's been a while," she smiled as headed outside. One of the priests tried to help, but she quickly pushed his hand away.


"I've seen more that than you've seen," she rejected.



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