Is It Okay To Love You

Chapter 1

Anna rest her head and close her eyes to sleep. After shooting for three days straight she was so tired and worn out, three hours later they arrive at the airport. she got out of the plane with her manager and assistant and wait for them to get her bag then she remove her sun glass for a minute but before she could hide away her face, someone already spot her.                                                                                                                              "Anna, Anna, Anna …." 
All of her fans gathered around her, screaming her name and taking a lot of pictures. her manager tried to walk pass them all but tons of reporters already gathered around her trying to get information from her. 
"Anna, an article was released that are you are going to act in Williams new movie, can you please tell us more about it? What is your role in the movie?"
“are you really becoming an actress?”
“you said years back that you are just going to stick with modeling, is this news true?”
They start to ask her different question at a time. 
"the company is going to release an article on it soon.  Anna is really tired right now so please excuse us"
Her manager said and her bodyguards arrive and guard her out of the airport with her manager and assistant following closely behind her. Immediately they got into the car Anna’s facial expression changed from a smiling and happy face to a stern one"
"My phone" she said facing her assistant Autumn. Autumn turned to look at her manager Lola, for approval. 
"Just give it to her, there is nothing more for today"
"Okay" Autumn said and gave the phone to her. Anna opened her phone and found some missed calls and a lot of messages both from Mrs James and Cleo. Those two are such a pain in the neck, a pain she wants to do away with. 
"Anna do you know about the movie beforehand, you don’t look surprised by it at all" Lola asked.
"Why are you asking like this is new? she is always like that, not revealing her true emotions..." autumn said but the look from Lola shut her up. 
"Drop me off first" Anna said. 
"Okay no problem. but make sure you are ready by ten tomorrow the driver will be waiting for you" Katherine replied. 
"Why? there is nothing on my schedule for now till next week?" Anna said displeased
It’s not for any work, but the CEO will like to see you"
"Okay" she said as the car pull the side just outside her house. She got down and walked straight to her email box to check for any new email for her but there was none so she made for the door. Immediately she entered she saw Chris standing at the entrance waiting for her. She walked pass him and headed to the kitchen to drink some water, she dropped the cup and collapsed on the chair next to her. Chris moved closer to her and studied her mood well as if trying to see through her. After standing there for about five minutes without getting any attention from her, he moved more closer to her and tried to hold her hands. Anna opened her eyes suddenly which scared the little guy who immediately move back from her. 
"What is it?" She said looking at him with a stern face.
"I... I... I..." he tried saying something but was unable to. "
"If you don’t have anything to say then go to your room and sleep am tired and I don’t want any disturbance whatsoever" She said and stood up to go into her room when she heard the beep on the door.
"Who could that be? Hey, is Courtney still around" She asked facing Chris. 
"Ah forget it" she said and push him lightly out of the way. 
"What do you think you are doing?" Courtney snapped at Anna immediately she enters the room.
"Have told many to stop passing your aggression on him"  
"i wasn’t, why do you always think that whenever you see me with him" Anna said facing her best friend. 
"Because you have always given me reasons to think like that" she responded
"Whatever, why are you still here? I thought you had a date"
"Yes I do but he canceled at the last minute so I decide to stay and watch over Chris till you come back" she answered.

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Kehinde Jayeoba

Edited: 12.04.2021

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