Is this Love or Tragedy?

Chapter 1 ~ { The beginning }

" you were the one who  gave colour to my black and white world but you were also the one who took away all the colour from my world and my world became colorless because of you alone". 

"Not all encounters lead to a happy ending.but every encounter has a meaning. It is all in the hands of destiny. But we sometimes have to rise against it." 


"m'lady Laura wake up its morning" one maid knocking on Laura's door. "five more minutes I will be down" replied Laura under the covers. " you there did you cooked already m'lady will go to school now" ordered a maid quite an old woman. " I have made favorites dishes of m'lady everything is upto her taste" replied the cook.Laura came down rubbing her half opened eyes. "I am so sleepy why do we have to school" saying this Laura sat down on the couch. 


"So that you will take over the business after I am gone Laura" said Smith Wilson. " grandpa,  no you won't ever leave me anywhere even daddy and mommy left me you aren't allowed to leave me alone too. I will study hard but don't leave me alone" said Laura hugging close to Smith. " okay I won't but for now get dressed for school you will be late" said Smith trying to motivate her to go to school. 


" yes  grandpa" replied Laura going towards the bathroom. One Maid going after her to help her get dressed. 

" she's the only person left in my family. When I am gone what will she do alone. How will she handle this business all by herself. All of my fortunes will become a heavy burden for her to carry" Smith said to himself. " we are here to look after her master" replied the old maid. "I have faith in you that you will take care of her well. If only she is happy in the end I want nothing more of life to see her happy face" said Smith sighing. 


"Grandpa I am leaving for school" said Laura waving goodbye to her grandpa. "Did you eat properly? Take one bodyguard with you" said Smith to Laura. "Oh you worry every time I go outside don't worry about it. I am taking this one bodyguard uncle with me" replied Laura pointing towards the tallest guy. Laura gets into the car. It goes straight towards the school. 


The door opens Laura gets out of the car. She arrives at the school gate. "m'lady I will come to pick you up after school" said the bodyguard. "mm okay say this to grandpa that I have arrived at school safely" told Laura. "Hi Laura good morning" greets one girl. After that ten to twenty people greets Laura. Laura enters the classroom. "Hey Laura good morning" says one girls. "Good morning" greets Laura yawning. "Want to know the best news of today? We have a transfer student at this time of year and we heard that he passed the school exams with very good grades" told the girl. Everyone stared talking about her. Laura also thought to herself that what kind of a person would that be. 


Teacher enters the classroom. "Good morning miss Olivia" everyone greets. " a very good morning. Let me introduce your new classmate. Enter"  told miss Olivia. The door opens. A boy with slightly light brown hair enters the classroom. He has a pair of blue eyes like the ocean." Introduce yourself"  told miss Olivia. 


"I am Arthur Vincent. I am from Boston. I transferred here for two weeks due to my father's work. Nice to meet you all hope we can get along " told Arthur bowing his  head. "You can sit beside Laura Wilson" told miss Olivia. Everyone looked at him. Laura didn't speak  to him. But she was attracted by his deep blue eyes. 


During lunch, everyone gathered around Laura. But they didn't try to talk to him. Arthur ran away from there and went to the garden. Laura noticed that Arthur had gone away. During class Laura's eraser fell and Arthur picked it up for her. But Laura didn't thank him. After class was over and everyone had left Laura stayed behind for a while. She found Arthur by the garden. "I wanna ask you something" told Laura coming behind Arthur. "what"? Asked Arthur. "why is the colour of your eyes blue" asked Laura looking at him. 


Arthur ran away not wanting to reply. "what how could he do this to me. He will have to pay for this" said Laura muttering to herself. Near the school gate Laura sees Arthur leaving. Then she gets into the car out of frustration. "hurry up to home driver" commands Laura. Driver drives the car at speed. 


"Grandpa where are you?" asks Laura shouting. "M'lady master is out now he will arrive by the evening" replied the old maid. Laura listens to her. "Give me something to eat and take my bag away" tells Laura. "yes m'lady I will prepare something for you now" told the old maid. Laura sat on the couch and fell asleep. 


At night when Smith arrives sees Laura asleep in couch. " why is she sleeping here"? Asked Smith. "We thought if we moved her she will get up so we didn't woke her and let her sleep" replied one maid. "Wake her up so she can eat dinner and sleep after that" told Smith. "Yes Master I will wake m'lady up" replied the maid. After Laura wakes up. At the dinnertime, "Grandpa I am angry at the boy in my class he's a transfer student with good grades" told Laura while eating. 


"What did he do? did you do something?" asked Smith. "No I only asked why his eyes are blue but he ran away what a Coward" said Laura smirking. "He may have his reasons you can't force him to say" told Smith. "Okay grandpa I won't force him to talk" replied Laura sighing. "After eating get back to sleep we will go somewhere tomorrow" told Smith. "Where? Where?" asked Laura. "that will be a surprise for tomorrow now go back to sleep" told Smith. After saying good night they both went to sleep. 

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