Chapter One

She was looking out of the window in deep thoughts, a pen was in her hand and she was flipping it between her fingers. Her hair slightly flies when the cool breeze hit her face. She took a deep breath and close her eyes to calm her down and it even worked. It was nearly impossible for her to run away from these thoughts, they always bother her whenever she was alone.
She felt emptiness, like her heart is vacant or she is missing something very very important but what? This was the major confusion for Alizey Jasmine Khan since she had heard his voice.




Alizey's PoV


It was a pleasant day sunlight was slightly coming into my room from the gaps between the curtains giving it a beautiful pink glow. I brush away the fringes from my eyes and check the clock, opening my one eye, it strikes 6:35 am. I get down from my bed, putting my feet in the flip-flop and walk towards the washroom, twisting my long, dark hair in a messy bun. I suppressed my yawn behind my hand and twisted the knob of my bathroom switching on the light I stepped inside shutting the door behind me.


After freshen up I walk out of my room in a vibrant Rainbow-coloured dyed Kurti which reaches till my mid-thighs with a pair of faded light blue skinny jeans. My attire was perfect for the hot weather of summer. I feel really fresh and confident. I stopped at the kitchen door and saw the most precious person of my life. A smile finds its way on my lips. Her back was facing me and she was engrossed in making breakfast for us and humming a beautiful tune. I walked towards her and hug her from behind. She is my strongest support, my love, my life, my mother.


"Good morning, Mama. " I greet her. It was our morning ritual. To greet and hug.


"Good morning, Liza love, have a seat, breakfast is ready. "
She tells me. Even though she wasn't an eastern woman but she had adjusted to her surroundings because of the flexibility in her nature and for my late father. She was an independent British woman who had worked all her life to support her not so well off family. Now she was doing a double time job as a housewife and an owner of her boutique. Working day and night for the betterment of us as a single parent. 


I took a seat and settle down myself near our dining table. The aroma of freshly baked bread makes my stomach groan and my mouth waters. She served me an omelet with a cup of coffee, I thanked her and she settled down in front of me.


Ting! The Oven called. I stopped her from getting up and take out the baked yummy bread from the built-in Oven . Don't get astounded you are meeting Mrs. Lauren Flora Khan she is not a typical Mum. She loves cooking so baking bread in the morning wasn't a big deal for her.
I transferred it on a plate and served the delicious happiness.
The breakfast was silent. We both were consumed in our own thoughts. When a yawning figure entered in the kitchen. 


"Morning Mum, morning sis " Alina greets and hug Mum lazily, she pulled a chair and sat beside me.


"Good morning, baby. " Mum greets
"Morning, Lina, you again woke up late and didn't even change yet " I scolded.


"Ah! I am still feeling tired, don't wanna go to school," she exclaimed. Wish of every student.


"Aww! But you have to, little school going baby. " I tease. What are sisters for?!


" Dear sis, I am soon graduating " she stuck her tongue out at me. Weak combat skills, point to be noted.


" But right now you are still in school " she throws daggers at me and devoured into her food maybe she is tired really. 


This is my younger sister Alina Blossom Khan. Drama runs in her bloodstream, she is sweet, beautiful, helpful, wild and evil depends upon the circumstances. Further, you will know what a ticking atomic bomb she is! With her you have to be on alert mode, you don't know what problem she has attracted towards herself and I swear I am not exaggerating, you will see but nonetheless, I love her from the deepest core of my heart.


"Bye, mum " I hugged her after standing up from my chair.


"And lina, get ready in fifteen minutes, I am waiting for you in the car." I threw over my shoulder while rushing out of the kitchen and she groaned.




I was sitting in the car and switching through the radio when a peaceful and melodious voice filled in the atmosphere. It brought back so many beautiful memories. I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes feeling each and every word absorbing in my soul even though I can't understand it but it gives a shiver all over my body. I felt that this is the ingredients of peace that I was missing.


"Allah is with the believers."


He translated is deep, strong and steady voice. His every word separate and smooth. I felt my hair on my neck erected.  I was taken aback by his words. 


Who are the believers? Who is Allah? Again and again, these question were resurfacing in my head but I don't have any idea about it, this messed up my thoughts more.


Living in Muslim country and having a Muslim paternal family you know, who Allah is. And even in Christianity we believe in Allah. But I am not a practicing Christian so wherever I came across my gods, except few informations I am totally blank.


I heard a knock on the window of the passenger seat, it bring me back to earth, away from building up misery in my head. It was Lina. I switched off the radio and unlock the door. The words still had an effect in the environment. Repeating in my head again and again. Allah. Believer.


Edited: 11.01.2021

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