Just His Wife

Just his wife

Melissa's point of views :

Placing the make up brush down, I peeked a look at my husband. He was as always dressed to impress in his black three-piece suit. I couldn't stop myself leer at his handsome facial features and dark inviting eyes while he was busy talking on his phone.

Absolutely Breathtaking!

He is the Blake cordon. For the world, he is the handsome CEO of Cordon industry who is often misunderstood as a pompous man. He is someone with all the luxaries any man could dream of.

For me, he is my world.


Honestly, if it wasn't our arranged marriage, I would have never been able to have a man like him in my life. The person I was back then, I never knew what to do with a man like him. I still don't. All i can say is that I have been blessed enough that things have been pretty smooth in our last one year of our married life. But Often, I wonder what made him say yes for me when he could have got any woman of his choice. Why me?

Frankly, I don't know if I have a low self-worth or just a realistic view of myself. But it is what it is.


My eyes instinctively went back to him.

But I really did get lucky.

Shrugging off the thought,

I turned back to the mirror again to glance at myself now.

I look ...presentable. Infact, pretty Good. Being a Fashion designer myself, I like to keep myself updated about what's trending in the business. However, it's never good enough to impress my dear husband.

Sighing again, I finally stood up to turn towards him for his approval with my fingers crossed at the back and that's exactly when he cut the call too and turned to have a look at me.

My breath was stuck down my throat as his eyes roamed from my head to toe like scanning me with scrutiny.

As much as I could figure him out in a year, apart from being moody, bossy and over-protective for me, he is someone really hard to impress.

But that never made me stop from trying because he and his words matter the most.

I gulped waiting for his response.

I noticed his facial muscles twitching.

Um Baby, I think you should change" he finally said.

Disappointment sank in and I found it strange because I did expect him to say that as a possibility.

" I don't ...look good?" I asked back softly.

"You look good but the dress seem too gaudy for the event. Take it in a better way and how about just change to something less shimmering....and Please a little faster" 



With that he just walked out of the room like the conversation was over.

Letting out another soft sigh, I glanced back in the mirror.

I did look good though.


I decided to shrug off the topic after all, he is the one I dress to impress. 


An Hour Later,

Being a part of the aristocracy since forever, I have lost the count of the number of times have attended these Elite parties. They are all just the same.

Boring in one word!

If given a choice, I would rather have my nose in my books. But sadly, I was never given a choice. (Snorted in my head)

I stood at a corner sipping my drink while giving random glances to people when 

"Not enjoying?" I heard someone say from the behind.


It was none other than the Goddess herself. The stunning Stella Macquire looking ravishing in her swank golden gown that's screaming her status out loud. Stella Macquire, the big name in the fashion world, well known celeb stylist, former model and an entrepreneur. Perfect dress, killer heals and flawless skin. Man! She is too admirable to be real.

Coming out of my trance, with a stiff smile, I shook my head in a No.

"These parties can really be too boring. Anyways, we haven't met in ages, am I right?" She said taking a sip from her wine glass.

"Did you really give up on Fashion designing as I heard?" She asked.

That's the exact conversation I wanted to avoid but deep down, I knew it was inevitable. The world knows me as Melissa cordon, just the wife of Blake cordon but this woman, she knows the Fashion enthusiast Melissa Henry that I used to be once upon a time. She know about the other Melissa because I have worked as an intern under her and that was an absolute privilege for me.

"Yeah. Life changes after marriage." I replied back with the stiff smile, avoiding the eye contact.

"May be. But the talent never dies. My dear, I believe you have got the thing I want. Thus, I would still like to have you in my team. Would you like that?" She asked straight away.

I was taken aback by her sudden straight-forward offer. But I also know that she has always been like that. Upfront, confident and everything that a strong woman looks like.

"Um, that's very generous of you. I'd surely think over it" I replied back softly.

Rather, I'd have to convince my husband for that. 

Sighing, I want to do it. But Can I really convince blake to let me do it? Not sure about that.

The last time when I tried I got a snort back and couple of sentences by him bragging about our wealth and properties and how filthy rich we are to let me work on my own. 

My self-confidence is another issue.

It still haven't improved much.

Thus, I am still not ready I feel.

"Sure! Take your time. Think over it. But remember why waste time trying to fit in when you can use it to make a difference" She replied back with a warm smile. 

Her words yet again touched my heart but I remained quite.

"And this is my wife Melissa Cordon" 


And there comes my husband with an unfamiliar looking couple. A minute ago, I was glad that the introduction part was over but guess, I was wrong. Plastering back the fake smile, I greeted them.

"Pleasure meeting you Mrs. Cordon. Oh hello Miss Macquire. Did we interrupt the conversation?" the man in his late fifties said.

Manvi Upadhyay

Edited: 22.03.2022

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