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A Chaotic Morning (1)

"So he told you I live here?"
"But I wasn’t told how you live." Nevarez smirked at man inside car, "Come with me."
"Where?" El Viking touched the key which he was about to turn.
"The deal. You remember it quiet well, don’t you?"
"It was pretty forgettable though."
"What we had discussed last night wasn’t forgettable."
"Last night, it was two drunken men talking. Nothing else."
"You look ready to come." Nevarez felt the engine coughing.
"I was ready to leave." 
"You should have answered me then. Instead you chose to switch your phone."
"You had my answer when you had found my number off."
Nevarez did not take his head out of window because the thing else outside was nothing new for him.
Desolated car.
He watched gun on El Viking's waist till El Viking noticed the glance and covered it, forgetting the rectangular bump of cartridge looking to come out through his cloth, "Come with me and your gun will remain there until everything is over. I assure you it'll be safer than whatever you're going into."
"Find another man."
"Avalos has just arrived there. Maybe this will let you know how serious this has become."
"He'll wait for his guy –"
"He won't. He would sense something wrong and leave with his luggage which he hasn’t even unpacked."
"You've your phone?"
"Damien's got a lot of time to answer your call."
"You are not following Enciñas order, do you realize?" Nevarez said.
  I am following someone else's order. And if Encinas hears his name, he will not oppose my decision. El Viking put some cash underneath seat.
"Am I supposed to tell him this when I return?" he asked.
"You don’t have to say anything. Nothing less and nothing more. Just tell him what I had told you yesterday."
"Trujillo. You are heading to see him, aren’t you?"
"I am heading to pay him for those details."
"Can't he wait?"
"It's not about his patience. It's mine. After all, I can't stand like you, here, when Avalos might hire a cab once he gets smell ruse."
"You amuse me."
"And you make me late."
"Alright." Nevarez nodded and pulled out his mobile phone, "Damien would love to replace you."
El Viking closed the glass.
"Wish he could." But the words did not pass window panes.
Nevarez turned back. 
He strolled while having conversation on phone. State of his mind was visible on his hesitation to walk away by leaving distaste he had felt. 
His footsteps slowed down near gate.
A car bumped inside the yard, almost knocking Nevarez by its bonnet. He got knocked down anyways.
El Viking stepped out to look what this all was for. 
Other Cadillac entered like a normal one, opposing to its predecessor, but the most violent men charged out of the opening doors. Worse part was those men coming out from there who showed no concern over the previous vehicle.
They hadn’t come for uncontrolled car. The uncontrolled car had come for El Viking.
He counted them as five till the sixth man proved him wrong and killing the chances of him fighting them off. On his corner - Nevarez who still hadn’t figured out how he could stand on his feet. 
Turning his feet to the other side, he chose to flee. Nevarez also took no other method. 
Those hitmen chose to chase over running fingers on triggers.
Public area, El Viking jumped over the wall and heard Nevarez land behind him with a loud noise. It was not a soft landing by any means. But sure it was safe.
A glance back - the glowing trunk of Cadillac had nothing to be afraid of. Yet El Viking's heart drummed on his rib cages. 
Some feet drummed on the roof of once harmless automobile. Some gangsters slipped from there to ground whereas some squeezed their way through the narrow pass they had left.
A man who took same leap like El Viking saw both of them about to disappear inside narrow streets of El Paso, "You don’t look much different El Viking. THERE!" he jumped multiple times in air with his finger pointed towards where they had headed to.
Jammed car took the gate's other half off its hinge and ran over it while taking a turn.
Those who did not choose car chose the streets.

Being in narrow streets increased chances of their murder. Nevarez saw the chances higher from where they were. Refusing to take step further, El Viking had also involved him in what he never had made any intention about. Filling his Magnum, he pressed his back on the wall.
Pores on Nevarez's face leaked sweat. Drops - getting larger and larger.
Two people came with no manipulation over their vision. Same men expecting their adversaries to have covered longer distance than few steps inside road way in.
El Viking shot them before their pupils could adjust with variation in light. Their eyeballs popped out when the bullets met their brain.
Falling like heavy sacks, they didn’t make sound.
He had shot three bullets, not knowing who had taken the third one. It did not make a lot of concern till he realized what else had landed with Nevarez while crossing the wall.
Leaving bodies behind, they sprinted delighted as a result of reduction of two men to fret about, "They know this place well. Be ready to –"
A homie crossed their way without glancing to his side.
"I said be ready!" El Viking pointed at the running gangster.

He doubted Nevarez had missed the hitman along with what he was drying his throat about. 
"What is this?"
"Calling Damien." he compressed his cell phone to the other ear. "He will be our rescuer."
"Didn’t you call him before those guys bumped in?!"
"He still thinks I want lift."
"AH! Alright. Alright."
Just like the homie, who had made him shout at Nevarez, many of them were showing their presence in every turn. They ran several narrow streets with El Viking's killing streak increasing with every turn they took.
Every gunshot minimizing number of their enemies increased witnesses. Women screamed every time he shot someone. He wondered why women were everywhere in El Paso. 
Bodies were like the traces of where they had gone. 
He found where he was.
  I am nowhere. He wiped sweat from his chin when he discovered himself staring at the corpse he had killed a while ago. Those men knew what they were doing. 
His fingers met dense tiny red dots on his face stuck like glue.
They had shrunk El Viking's area to run off. It wasn’t going to take them long to corner him by how they were going.  Every step they were taking took them nearer to the stalkers. It was the threat of being chased from every direction.
Nevarez finished the call, "We have to wait here." 
Looking around, El Viking saw the same sight they had been seeing since getting in the cobweb like road network.
Locked doors. Locals were conscious about not letting any junkie or murderer invade their houses. They had learnt it in years and he El Viking was experiencing it now.
Hookers screamed and moaned from up. When his ears calmed he heard more of such noises apart from his beating heart.
Sex racket with closed doors.
Sniff noises. 
He regretted for not being hidden inside a house with a scared family. Seating himself down, he realized how damp the road was. Waiting for Damien they let their lungs get filled with air which wasn’t on flames. Desert wind had no place in such areas.
City was loud.
Them - the sole source of silence.
"They're here!" an unarmed man screamed from other end, "Here!"
They had found him before Damien could. 
While the screamer stood with no movement or whatsoever, they didn’t hesitate to take an upper hand where the informer was scared. Gasping with every step, they ran into the highway where automobiles were running faster than bullets.
El Viking collided with a car which had stopped moving a second before he bumped on it. El Viking hit its side, lifting his feet off pavement and with chest on roof. Nevarez almost got rolled over by it.
Those stalkers arrived within seconds. They yanked Nevarez. When El Viking attempted to crawl from the roof to other side then they dragged him down by catching his foot. 

K.R Webber

Edited: 01.08.2020

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