Kristen Street

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21ST January, 2002
I saw Kristen today. She still talks about how she much she needs to speak to her deceased sister. She says she really needs to hear from her and she senses there was so much left unsaid.
She is still gathering the items for the spell. I admire her courage but sometimes, it gets me scared. I keep telling her to be careful, and to remember that whatever decision she makes, she would be the one to face the consequences. She tells me she knows what she’s doing and that I should trust her. Well, I trust her, Kristen is a smart girl.
She says she wants me to follow her to the cemetery tomorrow, she needs to get a pendant that belongs to her sister. She assures me that that is the last step in bringing her sister back. She needs the pendant because her sister had worn it since she was a child and it represented her well.
I am scared to go to the cemetery. I am scared of the whole idea but Kristen promises me that there is no need to fear. I don’t want her to know I am still scared; she may think I don’t trust her. 
She has given me my own part of the spell to rehearse so that is what I’ll probably be doing tonight. They are more like recitations because there’s no ‘snap’ and we are done. We have to start by 8 p.m. and she is certain that by 2 a.m. her sister would be standing before us. 
Somehow I doubt and she knows, she says that talking to the dead is one of the hardest spells ever, and that I am really lucky to be trying this out. I want to believe her; I want to believe Kristen but I am scared.



Camille Estar

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Story about: youngadult, witches and magic

Edited: 19.05.2020

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