Lifetime: Journey from childhood to adulthood

Chapter 1:The Muse

There is a noisy classroom, some boys were playing with paper ball, girls are busy chatting with their friends, some were busy eating their lunch but there is one girl sitting in the middle of the classroom deeply involved with her book unaware of her surroundings. One boy stand up to open the projector placed beside the blackboard of the classroom because after the lunch the teacher will use it and it's his responsibility as the monitor of the class. When he was opening the computer he found a slip of paper beneath the mouse. In the slip it was written; 

                    Please play the video "my love" on the proposal folder.

The boy doubted that maybe someone was pulling a prank on him so he ignored the slip but suddenly while opening the maths folder he noticed that there is a folder named Proposal so he clicked on it and in a hurry the video was also opened and it started projecting.

The video started and in the video there were two toddler's one boy and one girl are standing and holding there hands together and a soft music is played in the background and then they started walking as they were walking they were changed to preschoolers , then to young teens and then to adult teenagers. The boy is utterly incredibly handsome as a angle dropped from heaven but the girl sounds familiar, it was the same girl who was reading her book deeply. She was staring at the screen frozen all the noise of the room is lost only the of the video is heard and everyone was looking at the screen leaving their work. The next clip in video is of the same girl enjoying jet ski wearing white summer T-shirt and pink shorts when she reached the surface of the beach she ran towards a boy waiting for her as she was close he lifted her up and both started playing and running as the sun was setting down, the music of the background slowly started turning romantic. The clip changed here the girl fell from her bicycle and hurt herself, the boy picked her in his arms placed her in the nearby bench and started removing her shoes gave massage to her foot as she sprained her ankle and he insisted on giving her a piggy back ride, the clip started to fade and a new clip started to play here the girl is wearing a baby pink maxi dress it seems that she is bridesmaid in someone's wedding and the boy is wearing black tux he looked stunningly handsome they started dancing together and as their dance ends their video also ends. 

Everyone at the classroom was shocked and started looking at that girl and she herself looked confused then the same boy appeared in the room with bouquet of red roses and he started walking towards her, he bend in her knees and spoke to her, Mia I have lived my childhood with you, first we were neighbours, then we became friends and we have enjoyed those days together but suddenly I started having feelings towards you, I don't know when it started but now I want you in my life as my girlfriend, will you be my girl. The girl said Yes , she was unable to hold back her tears as all her childhood memories started flashing in her mind and she started to cry. The boy hugged her tightly and embraced her as she is very sensitive like a cotton he put his hands around her neck and kissed her. All the students started to hoot and clap and gradually the hoot sound started becoming louder and louder. Everything started to fade , the classroom was gone , the boy was gone , the bouquet was gone only the girl and the hoot sound coming from her alarm clock beside her bed was left behind. She gained her conciousness and found that everything was dream and now she dragged back to reality. She started cursing the clock by saying Oh!! Crap!! Why did you wake me up from such a wonderful dream. Then she left her bed and started preparing for her day.




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