Liúxīng and the mystery sword

An unexpected guest

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It is the middle of the night Liúxīng (Meteor) is awakened by a loud thud on the roof of his home and the entire house begins to creak and moan under the strain of something heavy walking around the roof. The next thing he sees are large talons come crashing through, causing bits of thatch to flutter down. Then there is another thud as the creature hits the ground. This makes the Monkey Emperor head outside to see a stunning green dragon is lying in his garden, bleeding from a wound upon its back left leg. His eyes are drawn to a glint and there clutched within the stunning creatures razor sharp teeth is a sword unlike he has ever seen before. The wooden handle and sheath are covered in strange writing and there is an odd stone hanging from the hilt.

   “Please let me help you,” he says in a soft voice.

The little dragon seems to take fright and starts to back away from him which only results in the wound bleeding more.

Liúxīng grows worried and quickly says, “No, please stay still.”

The trees in the forest begin to move and the next thing he sees is the stunning face of his good friend the blue dragon, looking down at the smaller one and speaks in the other language.

   “Tin la se in sa mun ta, ke sela min-tin la. Un sa ka, menna?”

The little Dragon places the sword on the ground and replies, “Hen sa un tinma laun ken nasin, maha.”

   “He informed me he came from the east mountain forest. Ham sa linta cuna hin, sela kunna hinta. I was asking what has happened little one?”

The green dragon points his left front claw up at the sky and replies, “Ma ta in sa mey na sa un luleka. Kamma in susha lenta penta sinma inta.”

The Monkey Emperor watches his good friend flinch and he goes on to quickly ask, “Sinma inta?”

The little dragon nods and the blue Dragon replies, “Interesting.”

   “What’s happened?”

   “Sorry, let me explain, two gods have fought and one now lies in the in his forest. He gave him this sword and told him to seek the white dragon.”

   “Which white dragon?”

   “Funny enough I was about to ask him that. Sinma inta kampa?”

The green dragon shakes his head and replies, “Tam-ma qinta.”

   “He does not know. We need to get the bleeding stopped, I’ll talk to him whilst you get a Healer. Or do you think you can manage?”

Liúxīng takes a look at the slash on the little dragons leg and replies, “I think all it needs a good clean and it should begin to heal.”

   “All right.”

The Monkey Emperor quickly returns to his home whilst the blue dragon continues to ask the little mountain forest dragon questions. He fills a large dish with warm water, to which he adds some honeysuckle flowers and grabs a pile of cloths before returning to them.

The blue dragon reassures the little one that all his friend is wanting to do is help him and he will not hurt him.

The green dragon watches Liúxīng clean and bound the wound on his leg.

   “There, how does that feel?”

The blue dragon translates and the little one replies, “Paha meha tinla ka.”

   “He said much better, thanks.”

   “No problem little one. You stay here and rest whilst I go and find the god.”

When the blue dragon says what his friend is going to do the little dragon shakes his head and quickly says, “Haha sinna kunna he inma.”

   “No, you must not. I am asking him why. Sa?”

   “Sa, kanha in sahe lay anna ha sayla mela quna an sin pela mintin na.”

   “Because you could get hurt like me as they are still fighting.”

   “Oh my goodness, that’s not good. I’d better go and see if there is something I could do.”

   “Liúxīng, the ancient god of that forest will soon stop them. The question is why were they fighting... Could it be over ownership of the sword or something else. This tittle one will not be able to answer that. I would say go and find out why. Do not worry I will take care of him.”

The Monkey Emperor performs a slight bow, then returns to his home to pick up a basket of fruit and heads into the forest.

The Forest God lends down to him and says in a soft voice, “It is all arranged, my son Yuèguāng (Moonlight) is willing to help you.”

Liúxīng is lost for words, he looks to the trees all he can see are two large horns and replies, “I am so honoured, thank you.”

The trees seem to part to allow the stunning Forest God’s face through, he gives him a smile and replies, “You know I am always happy to help you. I too would like to find out why two gods were fighting.”

   “Now my son, you make sure he comes to no harm.”

   “You have my word father, I will keep him safe,” replies Yuèguāng, offering him his hand.

The Monkey Emperor climbs on to it, he takes hold of the creature’s huge thumb and they start to make their way through the forest.

It is not long before they reach the east mountains that are covered in a thick ancient forest, home to Pòxiǎo an ancient Forest God, that looks like he has been made from a mass of vines with moss growing over them and two heads.

They hear a crashing sound and bird go flying off in to the early morning sky. The next thing they see is Pòxiǎo (Breaking dawn) heads come rising out of the treetops and shoots a tentacle into the forest blow.

   “I order you to stop,” he calls, “Both of you, before you harm my children.”

Liúxīng and Yuèguāng quickly make the way through the tall trees to see in a clearing the Ancient Forest God has two men pined to the ground, both of them have bloody faces and are breathing heavily.

   “Pòxiǎo, where did they come from?”

   “Yuèguāng, my boy it is good to see you... Ah my little messenger reached your forest?”

   “Yes, he landed on the roof of Liúxīng’s home.”


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