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Live Wonderland


Any names, places, and ideas that are written in this book are all fictional.

But there is no such thing as coincidence.



It was a long deep slumber since I've gotten myself to be awakened, I wasn't able to control the true power of my destiny, but I assure you that I will save everyone's deity. Even if it kills me.

By the time, when my father ascended, as a bridge of two worlds. A single soul stayed beside him, not an ordinary soul but its bravery cannot be described in few words. That's the story when I get born and carrying the sins to my shoulders.

One day, a war between gods and goddesses were made a catastrophe from all over history, making the deities were found by the ancient evil gods. By that time, they appointed me as one of the Guardians for relics that could possibly fall into the world.

They were truly trained me so well that could be ripped my body apart, but the pro's, I can defend myself from them (i mean the injustice sorority gods).

By the time where the chaos happens, the 7 deities living in each era called history, it is decided by law, that the relics must spread in 7 lyrical dimensions of Chronos.

And on this day, my mission is started

I was ascended in a field, full of tulips and bees that are scattered and flying around in me. As my feet touching the ground, everything became dull and grey, it must be their fate.

I let the itch of grass in my feet crawl while lurking my sight at the mortals, playing in the seashore. Trying to have a better sight but I accidentally stepped a mud that made me lost my balance that my body feel down in a landslide

A young guy, as my sight lift and giving them an emotionless look.

"Hey, you okay?" I didn't respond, while I'm trying to stand up from my own feet, but my knees are wobbling. A hand lends in front of me, I was going to accept it but a memory kicks into my mind.

'Grabbing a debt from mortals can use against your own aptitude, be better to be alone than having dust carrying along'

I decline his help and even my knees are like jelly, I trying to stand and still failed. A-arm I felt in my shoulder that helps me to walk.

I shook my thoughts about how am I going to survive as I heard his deep voice.

"You alright?" He asked while looking at my eyes. I nodded lightly then I heard my stomach growl.

I heard his deep chuckle while my face still the same. No emotion.

"Are you hungry? Let's go to my grandma's house, I'm sure that they will welcome you" still carrying me with an arm in my shoulder blades.

I looked up at the clear sunny skies. Then I spoke to my mind again.

'Do you really want me to protect my soul? Or let me die without accomplishing my mission without filling this body with energy? Tell me now your answer, father grim?'



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