Long Way Home.

Chapter One: La Mawo Big News!

Las Gateple – S.J High School, 2019!

“And on top of that, we’ll be having a school trip to a small rising town, that’s known famous for various amazing inventions in the world, La Mawo is the name. The trip will be this Saturday, and yes, the trip is free… all the class will be going on this trip. So get prepared, and stay sharp for the trip, it will be a month's stay trip!" Miss Emma Davis announced in the class just before the bell rang for the after school hours.

Welcome to Las Gateple town, an amazing town to relax if you need a break from what you always face from the rest of the world. This place is like mini heaven, people come to visit and leave after they're done with what they came here for…

Las Gateple has few friendly growing towns outside its borders, and among them is La Mawo, the town we’ll be visiting this Saturday and having stay for a month. Wow, what a trip. It’s like a huge thing for us, and the school has willingly paid for the whole class, that’s honestly amazing for me!

My name is Megan Miller, or you can call me Meg. And I'll be your story narrator of all that happened and will happen in our lives… Welcome aboard.


Miller’s House!

“Mom, dad… am home!” I yelled as I walked inside.

“Ooh sweetie, you’re back. I missed you so much!” my mom spoke while rushing towards me, and she gave me a hug…

“Mom, I was only gone for eight hours, this is unnecessary!”

“You know your mother, she can be what she is best.” My dad came by too, and he gave me a chick kiss after my mom’s hug.

“So, how was the day?” my mom asked.


“What’s wrong with teens these days? You can’t just be giving us the usual response every single day!” my dad said.

“Then what am I supposed to say? It was the usual, just that. And it’s exactly what I said.”

“Hey guys!” my big sister Charlotte came in from school. We go to the same school, but she prefers coming back home with her gang.

“Ooh, you too… hey sweetheart!” mom said while rushing towards Charlotte for a hug, just as how she gave me one.

“Guys, guys… I almost forgot. This Saturday we’re having a school trip to La Mawo, and it’s free for the whole class.” I said.

“You didn’t tell them?” Charlotte asked me.

“I’ve just said it, what are you asking?”

"Okay then, the good is you two already know the deal. So, I'll be in my room!" Charlotte left for her room.

“What’s wrong with her?” mom asked.

“She’s always that way, in case you forgot!” I replied.

"Wow. So, my girls will be leaving for La Mawo this Saturday?” dad asked.

“Come on dad. You can’t be serious!”

“What! Am I not allowed to miss my sweet babies?”

“We’re parents dear. Every parent does it, missing their children every single time!” mom added.

“Okay. I think I won’t be able to deal with this right now, I’ll be in my room in case you need me!” I left and rushed to my room.


Saturday, S.J High School Campus!

And the day came by. It was Saturday and every student in my class was present getting ready for the trip. We were fifty total in our class, and each one of us was available for this trip, not even a single ill student reported that day, all present!

Parents trying to say their goodbyes and giving their kids wise words to guide them throughout the trip stay. I think some parents were worried about their daughters coming back pregnant, of course, it was the S.J's famous rumor every after a school trip, girls reported to be pregnant would be usual news for the town. And yet, parents were still giving us away for the trips hoping it will be different from the last time… and they said it was a world tour experience, I think they aren’t aware of what it means by visiting a neighbor growing town.

The time came, and all students were now needed to get inside the buses that just shortly arrived to pick us up on the school grounds.

“Okay my sweethearts, you need to take care when you’re there!” mom said to us.

"Trust me, no one will ever dare to touch me!" Charlotte replied.

“That’s my girl…” dad smiled.

“My girls… it seems you’re forgetting someone!” I complained.

“Ooh, someone’s jealous.” Dad teased me.

“Megan, I need you to promise me, you’ll take care of yourself. Be like your sister, take your stand, draw your borders and let no high school boy lay their dirty hands on you!” mom spoke.

“You don’t need her promise. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend, and no boy in our class is interested in her!” Charlotte said in contempt.

“That’s harsh!” dad said.

"It's not harsh, it's the truth!" Charlotte finished up and went on the bus.

“Honey, don’t listen to her… she didn’t mean what she said!” mom tried to cheer me up.

“And here you always tell me to be like my sister!” I spoke with an out of mood face and stormed out on them.

"Honey!" dad yelled at me, but I did not turn my head to face them. I went straight for the bus without a proper goodbye. And a few minutes later, we departed!

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