L.O.V.E (by The Way)


Life always has something unexpected. It is often said, if you are meant to be together forever by fate, no one can change your destiny. 


Life had been really hard for Shreya (Sia) and Vivek (Viki). Both had their own struggle even though they went to the same school, worked together, lived in the same city and have common friends, they were still unknown to each other.

Shreya Glynnis was a friendly, independent, a confidential and sweet woman, in contrast Vivek Abuja was a serious minded, cool, calm and arrogant successful business tycoon.

The "AHUJA CORPORATIONS" makes the heartbeat of Bangalore.

It was when they were finally to marry they noticed each other, but ended up fighting with one another.


What happens when both people enemy to each other are forced to marry . Will love bloom 🌺 between them or the marriage will end in veil.


Stay tuned with me to know what happens next






Edited: 17.01.2021

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