Love, hate , repeat

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       Lola woke up late this morning. She didn’t hear the alarm ring, she could still feel the taste of blood in her mouth, she tried to pick herself up from the floor but her body hurts, she felt an ache in all her bones. She couldn’t remember how she slept with all her clothes on lying on the kitchen floor. Oh my. Did I pass out? She thought. She rubbed her hands on her eyes; she almost felt her eyes falling out of its socket. The headache was blinding. She managed to crawl to the counter of the kitchen cabinet where she keeps the aspirin; she took two tablets and crawled to the fridge at the side of the door. She took out a cold bottle of water and took the drugs. Somehow she felt a little better after taking a sip of the cold water. She rested her back on the fridge, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She tried to recall everything that happened the previous night. She couldn’t quite place it all together; all she got were random images that didn’t quite make sense. She relaxed and tried not to force it. She just lay down at the side of the fridge.

       5mins later she felt a lot better; she got up and made her way upstairs to her room. She took off her clothes and got into the bathroom for a quick shower. She got in the shower and closed her eyes; it was almost like the water was washing away all the pains from her joints completely. She allowed herself to enjoy the shower. She got out of the shower and wrapped herself in her bathrobe, she walked to the dressing mirror and she almost jumped off her skin when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Oh my God. What the fuck happened to me she exclaimed. She was staring at herself like she was seeing someone else. Images of yesterday started coming to her, clearer this time.

     She had gone out to the bar with the girls to get some drinks when Dami walked in with some of his work colleagues. She didn’t notice him come into the bar until one of her girlfriends told her. She was dancing with Rob. She knew she was in trouble when she turned and saw Dami looking at her with lasers almost firing at her from his eyes. But she was too drunk to even care. She kept dancing with Rob. Rob has been her friend since her university days but ever since she got married to Dami she has tried to keep some distance between herself and Rob because for some unknown reason Dami has always hated Rob. She still wondered why because Rob is the sweetest person on the planet. Dami has always warned her not to hang with Rob and her girlfriends, sometimes he even punish her if she does. But she has always found it hard to cut ties with them completely. They have to be her friends long before Dami got into the picture and all of a sudden he feels he can make that much change in her life. She wasn’t going to have that.

She paid no mind to Dami that night because she knew she was going to face all the torture when they get home anyway, whether she had fun or not. So she had her fill. She left the dance floor and joined the girls at the bar, they were exchanging words, giggling and laughing all through the night. Dami left not too long after a guy sent a drink to their table addressed to her. She turned and gave him a friendly smile and mouthed a thank you. If not because she was married she would have walked down to join him because he was a sight for sore eyes, wearing an all-black outfit, perfect white teeth, and a really cute dimple when he smiled. Talk about tall, dark, and handsome. But even if she chooses not to admit it to herself this unknown guy had nothing on Dami she thought. Maybe it’s because he knows that he is a catch that made him so arrogant and mean. She almost pukes in her drink thinking of how annoying Dami was.

     Lola, are you not going to leave now? You have a husband at home waiting for you, Debbie told her. Lola looked at her Rolex wristwatch and gasps when she saw it was 2 in the morning. She picked up her purse and searched for her phone; she ordered a cab and rushed to the restroom before the cab comes. Sheyi and Didi gave themselves a look. Sheyi picked up her phone and typed a text which she sent to Didi. “someone is about to get whopped tonight with a laughing emoji” Didi saw the text smiled and responded with a’ married woman my ass’. Lola came out of the restroom straightening her dress and barely walking straight. She asked if they were ready to leave but the girls turned down the offer and but Rob decided to join her. She picked her purse and head out of the bar with Rob.

 Ok Sheyi, you guys want to tell me what the back and forth texting was all about? Debbie asked looking at Didi and sheyi waiting for an answer. Well is it that you don’t know or you just acting like you don’t know that Dami has made Lola his punching bag? Didi said.

So how is that any of your business retorted Debbie. She is our friend, she is married to him and what he is doing is wrong, Lola doesn’t deserve any of this, she hasn’t openly told us about it that probably means that she can deal with it for now. But until she tells us we are all going to act like we don’t know and stop all these childish gossips ok?

 My own is that she should stop coming here to act like she has the perfect marriage and giving unnecessary relationship advice like she is an expert. Sheyi added in an irritating manner.

And with all these failed marriages around me, I am starting to think that this marriage this might be a bad idea after all Didi said taking the last shot of vodka and got up from her chair. I believe my ride is here.

Hmm, your ride uhn? Sheyi said smiling sheepishly giving Didi a look that clearly shows that she wasn’t really talking about a ride. The girls laughed and Didi staggered her way out of the bar.

Debbie and sheyi followed after her and got into Sheyi’s car and they zoomed off.

        The cab stopped at the gate of Lola and Dami’s house, Rob had stopped at his place not too far from there. The cab driver woke Lola up; madam we are at your destination ma’am. Lola cleaned the side of her mouth where she had drooled on embarrassed. She brought out her wallet and paid the cab driver, keep the change she said. She got down of the cab and the cab drove off.


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