Love in the wedding

chapter- 1



My head is buried in the computer screen to edit my new designs, And my whole body is aching now because I am sitting in the same posture for many hours, I am working furiously so I can complete my next week's work too before I leave.

I am going on vacation.. Which sound weird because I don't remember when did I last time had went on one? Maybe when I was in college? Yeah! Only then with my friends, after I join this company, I never had taken any leave, other than Sunday, or any emergency. I have no family to spend time with I am an orphan. 

But have many friends but they all live away and are busy in their own life, one of my best friend is getting married to my another best friend... It's sound typical isn't it? But it is what it is. My childhood best friend Rick is getting married to his college sweet heard Georgia. They both are together from our first year of college. And still have same kind of relationship. Sometimes it make me jealous but I am really happy for my two favourite people. Rick run his father's business and Georgia is a famous model and actress of current time. 

I was so surprised when She offered me to design her wedding dress, it means alot.. For any bride. I told her that she can hire any fancy designer, but her answer was not every designer can add those feelings which you can. So here I am the one who designed my best friend's wedding dress. But I am nervous about this because it is not a normal wedding, this is going to be all over the TV and news paper thousands of people will watch that, so I tried my best hope Georgia and other will like that too. 

 I heard the footsteps and I know who that was, but I don't look up and keep doing what I was doing.

But she is also stubborn and starts tapping her heels on the floor. " Stop it Em I know you are here," I say, Still looking at my computer screen. "As you know I am here, then you may also know why I am here?" she says. " How can I?" I finally looked at my Bestie who was standing in front of my desk, arm folded and looking at me. " Do you want to get sick?" She says in a cold voice.

"What happened?" I say in a casual tone. "What happened? All you have deep down your head in front of this computer for the last 4 hours non-stop and it's time for lunch so Aren't you hungry?" She says. " It's lunchtime?" I say because I really didn't notice that. I asked surprisingly. "Yes, it's lunch so get up take your ass out so we can go for lunch." Emma says, "Can you order our lunch here so I can do work and lunch both?" I asked her sweetly. "She raised her eyebrows, are you insane? You are working all the time Ali, you need rest." She says with a firm and then concerned voice.

"I know Em I am working this hard so we don't have to worry about next week you know we are already not at good doing good," I say and put my head on the backrest of my chair, " It's not your fault, or not mine it's all Cara's fault Ali that she is not wanting to listen to other plans and drowning the business as well as our hard work," She says and sit on the chair in front of her. "I wanted to complete all the designs before I go to Rick and Georgia's wedding. So I don't have to worry about anything." I say and close my eyes which are really burning now.



Edited: 20.04.2021

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