Love You a Billion Times More

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Mr. Sexiest Man Alive

“He is without a doubt the sexiest man alive!”

“Who named you the head of the People’s Magazine Bethany?”

“You should keep your nose in your dusty book Cynthia!”

“I guess some people don’t enjoy morning comedy!,” said Alex, as we walked past the noisy group of girls. 

I couldn’t wait to graduate high school. You would think that I wanted to leave the family house, get my independence, and fly of my own wings. But no, that was not the reason. In fact, the actual reason lived not very far from my house. Bethany, my neighbor, was in fact the most annoying and heinous person you could ever meet! Since my early childhood, Bethany has been my continuous nightmare. I remember the day her family moved in the neighborhood; it was sunny ,and I was playing with my dolls in the front yard. While my parents went to welcome the new comers, their little blonde daughter ,with a shainy hair and innocent smile, came to me and broke my doll. Since that day Bethany was always there for me to ruin the best days of my life. She crashed my space ship model in 2nd grade, spilled grape juice on my 16th birthday dress, and went out with the boy who was supposed to pick me up for my first date. I guess my feelings are pretty clear about this girl; I don’t like her.

“who’s the guy they were talking about anyway?” I said.

“you’re kidding right?” said Alex 

Alex on the other hand is my personal angel. We met on moving day, freshman year. The same day I discovered that Bethany applied for the same college I applied for and got accepted. She managed to ruin that day for me too, just by her presence. I've been friends with Alex since that day.

Alex tapPed a quick research on her phone and almost slapped me with it on my face.

“Alex, I can’t see with the phone so close to my face!,” I said as a struggled to see the photo on the phone, “Oh my god!”

“ See, you wouldn’t mind if he was  named the sexiest man alive now hah!,”

That was not the reason I was shocked. I knew this guy, but I sure didn’t know that he was popular!

It all began last week; it was raining cats and dogs .It seemed that cabs were on strike that day when a limousine pulled off, and the handsome stranger on the back asked me if I could use a ride. 

Should I tell Alex that I kissed Mr. Sexiest Man Alive ?

Mel Crown

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Edited: 22.09.2020

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