Luna Raine

0. Luna Raine

In the barren terrain of ice

Her hands grip firmly on the dice

In which God would say

Why don’t you simply send a pray

But, what is its worth

For she had not once voice since birth

Should she believe

or should she leave

And with a single roll

She watches as it stroll

She could hear it, laughter

And now she fears what may come after

Her heart burns

And it yearns

For the light of memories

But now, everything blurs

His hands

His lips

His eyes

She’s devoid of colors

He was a vision of the morning birth

Allowing the light to ink through her vision

He told her, he would wait

Wait until he’s old and grey

His heart will never stray

He wants her

She wants him

The worlds did not want them

Quinn Catcher

#51 in Fantasy
#534 in Romance

Story about: romance, werewolf, fantasy

Edited: 15.01.2021

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