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Magical love

Chapter 1

Typical male moans were heard from the bedroom: “Oh, yes !!! Like this…"

The rhythmic knocking of the bed alternated and gained momentum.  I tiredly, leaning against the wall and closing my eyes, could not believe that all this was really happening. No, it can not be!!!

My beloved husband could not do that to me. In my own home, on our new bed bought on credit …… So many years together - in perfect harmony. And there really were no scandals and I tried to make him comfortable. Suffered his grumbling, completely absent romanticism.   

"All this is nonsense" - I thought, love is not in words. What the hell is love when he betrays me now? And I am a fool ran away from work early to cook a delicious dinner for my darling. To please dear. He's sick, he's bad. I have to help ... So she ran on her head.      

In disgust,  kicked the pot-bellied shopping bags with her toe. I devoted my whole life to this freak. I never even looked at others, only he was before my eyes. Leave, not see him .. Their .. Although. What about the children? What will I tell them? How to live on?  I resolutely pulled myself away from the wall and stepped towards the bedroom. No, I'll tell him everything now. All that boiled over 15 years of marriage. And then I'll tear my hair out from the whore who stole someone else's husband...  .Oh!!! So ashamed 

My husband was lying on his stomach in our new bed. With a naked torso and modestly covered below the waist with a towel. He moaned loudly, either in pain or in pleasure. At this time, the strong hands of a neighbor, the massage therapist Tim,actively worked with the man's back.

"Oh. It's embarrassing how it happened" - I was ashamed of my thoughts. Well at least i didn't

arranged a scandal. That would be the circus. And of the three of us, only I know what a fool I am 

- Oh, Katе - having opened one eye the husband looked at me with a sleepy look - Сan you cook for us?

 - Hi, Kate - a neighbor knocked out without stopping from work 

- Hello, Tim - and already to her husband - yes, Vitya, I'll make something now - and galloped into the kitchen with a frisky goat. Well, what to do? Somehow it is necessary to make amends for the guilt. Even if the offended one is not aware that he is already that ... Offended, I mean.  

The kitchen was in moderate disorder. The dishes lay in a small lonely slide in the sink and an empty saucepan from under cabbage rolls said that the food in the refrigerator had come to an end. After gratefully stroking the thick shopping bags, I began to shaman over dinner. 

Anya and Masha took time off to see their grandmother, against the backdrop of the coming weekend, so I won't cook for the children. Don't wait for them until Saturday evening.

How big they are with us, I sighed, slicing the sausage into thin mugs, my crumbs will soon outgrow my mother, Anka is how she waved. And it seems that only yesterday our daughter was taken away from the hospital by the happy ones. And Masha is already 11 years old, she has already decided on her profession - “clothing designer”. I smile, remembering with what ardor my youngest told how she, the world-famous fashion designer, would help us - the old people. The husband shed a lot of tears from emotion, either from the fact that the child loves mom and dad so much, or from the fact that he, not even a forty-year-old man, was called an old man.  

Voices were heard in the hallway and the bathroom door slammed. We need to accelerate - the men have already done it, and I'm still thinking. She quickly put pasta and salad on the table. The sausage, beautifully laid out on a platter, was already resting in the center of the table. As well as three beautiful, blue plates. When I was pouring tea into the kitchen, my husband came with a neighbor.   

- Forgive me, Kate, but in vain you covered me - Tim said, stopping at the door - I have to run home. Luce promised to give injections at seven, and at home, probably, dinner is waiting  

- Why don't you even drink some tea, Tim? - burst out from me anecdotal phrase.  

- No, Katya, I'm in a hurry. My Lucinda will be angry - it is understandable that she is in a hurry. The character of Tim's wife is so-so. Eternally gloomy and unhappy with everything, Lyusya managed to ruin your day with just her appearance, and this even before she opened her mouth. The neighbor was overly sarcastic and poisonous, and most of this poison went to Tim. But over the years, he developed an immunity to "Lucinda" and they lived quite well for themselves: the world peasant Tim and the snake "Lucinda".    

- I will see you, Tim- putting the cups on the table I gathered    

- Sit down - the neighbor waved his hand - that I won't find the way 

- Thank you, Tim, very much helped out - said the husband, eating the second part of the pasta from the plate. Wow, when did he manage to post the first?

- Always, please, call, if anything, said Tim and went to the exit. 

After supper there was a kind of peace. I languidly nibbled on a crouton, sipping sweet tea and taking a break from a busy, working Friday. The husband thoughtfully twisted his cup of tea in his hands and somehow was in no hurry to start a conversation. Silence, beauty and tranquility. Grace… 

- Kate, I need to seriously talk to you. - the husband broke the pleasant silence 

- Have you taken out a loan again? - I tensed

- No. Didn't take - my husband averted his eyes 

- Ah, well, then you can talk - after biting off a bit of crouton, I have mercy - what have you got there? - kissed a mug of barely warm tea and looked at her husband with curiosity. 

- You see, Kate, I think we need to part. I fell in love with another and cannot continue to live like this. 

A piece of croutons from surprise curled up in the wrong throat "What !!!" I could only wheeze through a cough


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