Mending Lucas Heart

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Chapter 1


"Have a nice day Sir." I bid goodbye to my customer and gave him his frappe. 
I have worked at this cafe for 2 years already. I have many loyal customers and sometimes they give me some tips. 

I am an adopted daughter and my foster dad died because of the accident he caused, leaving me all his debts. All the people run after me that is why I am working smarter than harder. Double jobs, Sidelines, etc. I know I am strong enough to surpass these experiences. I spent my 5 years in life thinking and working to pay the debt. Luckily, I already paid the others completely. $500,000 is the last debt I need to pay.  
My salary is not enough to pay for it but like I said smarter than harder. I will work in different jobs just to pay for it. Life is too short just to kill myself for the debts. 

I live in a small apartment wherein there is one room for a kitchen and bedroom and a small bathroom.  
It is enough for me. Only me. 

I looked at my watch and it's already 5 pm. Mrs. Hermosa asks me to tutor Lily her daughter, in math just for today, who is one of my loyal customers here in the café.  
"I am going Brent, bye and see tomorrow." I bid goodbye to Brent, my friend here in the cafe. 

"Bye, A" Brent said, waving at me. He used to call me A because for him Aria is too long.  

Weird right. 
I took a bus to go there and walked a little until I reached my destination. Mrs. Hermosa didn't inform me about the details of the house but looking at my surroundings all the houses are mansions.  
I started walking again but a guard blocked me. Making me frown in annoyance. 
"You are new here. Name?" The guard asked. I know what he meant asking for the owner’s name. I never knew Mrs. Hermosa is this rich. Just by looking at her, you will see a goddess, simple, and beautiful girl--and yeah, so down to earth. 

"Mrs. Hermosa," I said politely. 

"Wait a second." The guard said, he picked up the telephone and dialed something. 
"Your name?" He said, raising an eyebrow to me like I am going to steal some things here. 

He looked at me up and down with a smirk on his face. 

"A..Aria Bright" I stuttered. I really want to punch his face now but me controlling myself. I need to behave. 

Honestly, I can't punch--slap is better. 

After a minute the guard escorted me to Mrs. Hermosa's house and I thanked him.  
This mansion is really big--huge. There is a swimming pool. I can see it from afar just by looking at the bar holes. 

I pressed the doorbell and a maid greeted me. Me, being polite, I greeted her back. She guided me to a beautiful and luxurious living room. 
Wow... I never saw and got into a house like this. It's beautiful and very elegant like only a queen and king can live here. 
"Aria." Mrs. Hermosa squealed, ran into me, giving me a tight hug. 

" Leticia," I said stuttering. I--I can't breathe. I forgot she don't want me to call her Mrs. Hermosa. 

She pulled out after a second, Catching my breath. 

"Oops… Sorry." She chuckled. 

"Lily is there," Leticia said and pointed to Lily with a baby boy at her side. "That's my 1-year-old nephew. Luke" pointing to the baby. 

I nodded. The baby is so cute. I can see he has a pair of blue eyes. 

"They are so cute," I said in an exciting voice. 

"They are. You can hold Luke for a while I am just going to asks some maid to prepare things." Leticia said. 

I nodded in response. She is so rich.  

I walked to the couch wherein there are carpets.  
Lily and Luke are here. 

"Hi, Lily girl," I said to her opening my arms. 

"Auntie Aria!!!!!!!" She yelled and ran towards me. She hugged me and kissed my cheek. 

I pulled out "Auntie Aria, my cousin Luke." Lily said with her cute girly voice. 

"Hi, Baby Luke. You are so cute " I cooed him and put him in my arms. 

"" Luke said, catching me off guard. He is looking intently into my eyes. 


"Oh my....!!!" I heard Leticia screamed from the back. 

"Luke called you mommy?!" She asked loudly not angrily. You can say, she just asked me normally and shocked visible on her face. 

"Yes, I am sorry. I didn't know why he called me also. We just met." I said politely and gave apologetic look at her. 

I didn't mean that he called me mommy. I never knew that a baby can call random girls mommy. 

I looked at Luke and said. 

"I am not your mommy. Baby Luke." I cooed, he just looked at me. 

I heard Leticia sighed. 

"No need to be sorry Aria, He never speaks even we tried and even to his dad. This is the first time he spoke." She said joyfully. 

I smiled at her. 

"Oh…wait...I am gonna call Lucas and inform him." She got up and gets her phone. 
After some time, I taught Lily basic problems in math. Addition and Subtraction, which she gets it easily. She is very intelligent. I try to teach her some simple multiplication and division and she got it so easily. 
This child is so smart. 

After we cleaned and organized her things. Leticia called us for dinner. 
I tried to refuse but she insists. I need to go home and take some rest---yeah, I will get free dinner but I feel shy all of a sudden in this situation. I don't know why. 

"Thanks again, Aria for giving me some spare time." She said. 

"No problem, Call or inform me. Anytime." I said while getting a spoon of Avocado. 

"Honey, I am home." I heard a very manly voice. 

I wonder that if he is Leticia's husband. 

"My husband is here. Continue eating. I'll just meet him." Leticia stood up while holding Luke in her arms. 

I am right. 

"Can you hold Luke for me?" She asked me. 

"Not a problem" I stood up and got Luke from her arms. 

She asked one of the maids to prepare another plate for her husband and left the dining. 
Just in time. They entered the dining. 

"Honey, meet my best friend Aria.” She tilted her head to look at me. 
“Aria meet my one and only husband Mark." She said proudly, kissing her husband's lips. 
I smiled at her. 

"Nice to meet you, Mark," I said politely. I didn't stand up cause Luke is falling asleep. I don't want to wake him up. 

"You too." He said, nodding at me. 
They took a sit and started to eat. 

"Luke called her mommy earlier and I already told Lucas about it. Honey." She told her Mark happily. 

I can't see what is written in Mark's face. Is he angry or is he happy? 

"Yeah, because that fucking girl ruined everything." Mark spat angrily. 

My eyes widened and I looked at them in shock.  

Is that me? 

"Not you Aria, Luke's real mother." She said softly, giving me a tight smile. 
I sighed in relief. 

"Sorry Aria, I didn't mean to scare you," Mark said apologetically. 

"Thank God." I laughed, which cause them to laugh too. 
Luke jolt in my arms, his eyes started to open. 
He looked at me. 

"," He said and I cooed him. 

"Did you heard that honey, tell Lucas now," Mark said abruptly. 

" I know! I know! " She giggled. 

After we ate. Leticia put Luke on the bed. She gave me my tip and I thanked her. I reminded her to call me anytime if she needs anything. 


Azelea Avery

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