Miss Perfect

Chapter one

“…the court finds Julia Sanchez not guilty …..”The judge trails off giving me another win of the week.

Julia was accused of being involved in a murder crime from her ex-boss. Well it happens that her former boss Mrs. Annie Michaels since her thirteen years old daughter was found dead on the day Julia was doing her day to day cleaning at the mansion.

As a lawyer, I wasn’t supposed to judge anyone yet here I always knew she couldn’t kill even a fly. She’s just an innocent forty three years old mother of four trying to make ends meet.

It happens; the daughter died from food poisoning, and guesses who made the food? Julia did, but left the food in the fridge for the family. It appears the girl committed suicide.

I had also begun seeing Julia as the guilty one since all the evidence was pointing directly at her. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that that’s why I tried harder to make her not guilty.

Until the other night I was convinced she may go to prison. Lucky we, Adele the dead daughter’s diary was found in her school locker plus a letter to her parents.

“Congratulations Miss P again”Max Mrs. Michaels’ lawyer and a colleague says to me coming in for a hug.

“Thanks max, but you this close to bring down my cool record “I joke.

He smiles cutely and walks off. Max is one of my closest friends I our firm, but a good competitor. Apart from me he’s another lawyer with an outstanding record, he wins most of his cases.

Being stressed enough for the day, I leave early making sure I avoid Eric, my assistant and best friend. Once I meet him it’s just going to be work and work.

“Mommy you came!” my three years old son Pearl shouts as soon as he sees me enter the daycare.

“Yes mommy missed her champ. “I say smiling kissing his face making him giggle. How cute.

In the corner of my eyes, I notice a kid around Pearl’s age looking sad. I put my son down and walk over to the cute little fella.

“HI?” I bend to his level in order to see his cute face well. He mutters a silent hi and looks down shyly.

“Danny see! I told you my mommy is pretty! “My son hollers beside me. The young guy I came to know as Danny smiles sadly again at us.

“Pearl why don’t you go and tell your teacher am here?”

“Why are you sad Danny?” I ask the silent boy once Pearl is gone. With that question, he starts crying ooh no! What started as sniffles soon turned to a full-blown crying. Once he’s stopped crying, he looks up at me. For a kid, he looks sadder.

“Mommy hates me and Elle “he silently says.

“She doesn’t hate you honey” I say to comfort him since I don’t even know who his mommy is.

“She does hate us, she told daddy! She said she wishes we were not born! “He says hurting. I slowly pat his back and he stops crying.

He hugs me affectionately and smiles at me.

“Thanks Pearl’s mom. “He smiles at me .duh this kid has manners more than my son.

“Just call me Amanda “I smile at him.

I stand and offer him my hand to stand up; he does and smiles cutely at me.

As I look around, I find four pairs of eyes staring at us.

“Daddy you came?” Danny says more like a question.

Danny’s father is holding a little girl in his hands looking at the two of us with an unreadable expression on his face. He hugs Danny lovingly.

“Mommy look I came with Elle!” my son happily says, he is always happy.

“Amanda meet Danny’s dad Miles Cooper, Mr. Miles meet Amanda Brown, Pearl’s mum “Kate the daycare teacher says.

Miles smiles cutely at me.

“We already met “he says winking at me. As if reminding me of our outstanding meeting tomorrow aargh!



Caren Ctartie

Edited: 23.02.2021

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