Mr. & Mrs. Wellington

Chapter 1

The diamond hit the side of the bowl and ended with a plop into the water before sinking to the bottom. The sound that came after was more of a huge gasping crying with deep heaving and then a sudden burst of laughter.

"Son of a bitch," Jennifer said as she stared at the object laying there. She rubbed her temples and temporarily closed her eyes. She needed aspirin and a tall glass of get-me-back-in-bed. Taking one last look at the ring, she flushed it.

Rising up from the floor she trudged over to the mirror but not before tripping over the fluffy white dress she was wearing. The garment was stained with red wine and stale vomit, its trail bunched up by the toilet bowl. Six feet of fabric behind her and three layers on her dress. She thought it was utterly ridiculous. Her hair was in a tousled mess and the perfect mascara now smudged at her eyes and harden on her cheeks. "Ugh," she muttered to herself.

She turned on the water and allowed the warm flow to soothe her hands. Then grabbing a few paper towels from the wall rack, she dabbed it in the water and passed it on her face, wincing at the jerking motion.

"Too much drinking, Jenny," she said slapping her cheeks and wincing some more. The previous night was a blur except for the words I do, that she clearly remembered. Tying the knot with a billionaire masochists was not the plan. Being around Alex Wellington was torture enough, let alone being married to him. 

She took a moment to curse her former college roommate for offering her a deal she couldn't refuse. She also took a long moment to curse her friends for getting her into this mess. Best friends were supposed to talk you out of stupid decisions not plan your funeral. Yes, she rather attend her own funeral than be married to Alex. Heck, she rather be run over by a bus, twice than be married to Alex. Jen closed her eyes.

"Tell us again why you're doing this?" Katelyn had asked as she rubbed her back. 

"Because the mere thought of Alex winning is worse than being hit by a bus, twice," Natalie had replied, and Jen smiled. 

That was their way of talking her into making decisions. If it’s not worse than getting hit by a bus then they would attempt it.

Earlier that week she was standing in her own bathroom, puking her eyes out because of the previous party she had attended. The Collins worked hard but partied harder and the drinks they served were only the best from their winepress. Jennifer certainly did not pass up the opportunity to drink expensive wine on the seas.

When red wine touches the back of the throat, it's a promise of great things to come. The thought made her groan and pout. She made a promise to herself to get the drinking under control but she loved wine. It was her way of celebrating, so dammed be the promises she made and that’s why for the second time that week, she was bent over her toilet bowl while her best friends clutched purse and held her hair.

"I'm sure there is another way. We'll figure it out,” Katelyn had added.

Jennifer had given them a long hard stare. One minute they were encouraging her to sentence herself to death, the next they were looking for a way out. She had already made up her mind, she was doing it for the most important person in her life - her mother. End of discussion.

A knock came on the door jerking her out of her thoughts and she focused on the door wondering if it was locked. Then again, no one would be brave to barge in on her. "Mrs. Wellington, Ma’am," a female voice called from the other end. She looked down at the phone on the counter. The time was 7:45 am. What could they want now? "Yes, what is it?" she said her voice laced with irritation.

"Breakfast is almost ready.”

She turned back to the mirror, her belly growled, warning her that if she didn't consume something substantial, it would start eating her. “Death by the stomach,” she muttered passing her hand on the frosted mirror, “Well that’s something you don’t hear about often.”

“Mrs. Wellington, Ma’am,” the voice called again.

"I'll be right there, thank you."

Jen flattened her palms out on the granite countertops. Her lip upturned as she examined her nails. Two were broken off and the others had peeling nail polish. She tried to pull the rest out, failing miserably and decided to look for some acetone.

The wooden furniture adorned the bamboo painted walls nicely, giving a wooden nature theme. The bathroom was rather small in comparison to the one back at her apartment. A small tub, a washbasin and a shower with the capacity to hold one, and of course the porcelain that swallowed her ring mere moments ago in a deserving farewell.

The space between the toilet and the shower was so small she wondered how she even fit, let alone slept there all night. No wonder her muscles were aching.

The wooden medic cabinet jutted out the wall over the toilet and Jen walked over, pulling the door open. Tall bottles, short bottles, tampons, pads, a nail clipper, and other items were stored in there and she riffled through until she found what she was looking for, not caring that the items fell out, some tumbling into the toilet below. She also pulled out a small bottle of aspirin, smiling in triumph.

Taking two with a swallow of water she poised herself against the countertop for support and dipped the remaining nails in the acetone solution as she stared at herself in the mirror. “Simply pathetic,” she muttered dragging a few strands behind her ear, exposing the one teardrop earring that was hanging on for dear life.

As she tilted her head she recognized that the other earring was missing and she scoffed. It wasn’t a party unless your jewelry was missing and you woke up in someone else’s bed. She pulled the earring out of her ear and discarded it in the bin underneath the counter.

Wake Me Up by Evanesce filled the four walls and Jen did a small dance before sliding up the phone screen.


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