My Angel's sacrifice

Bullied Tyler

“Ouch, my head,” said Tyler. A seven-year-old boy who is always bullied in school. He was sitting in the gymnasium when a basketball hit his head then all the High School Boys laughed at him except for one guy named Harry and he said “Sorry, are you okay?” then Tyler replied “It hurts a bit, but I’m good” and Harry said “Good, I’ll take this now” pointing at the ball then Tyler just nodded. The following day Tyler went to the Cafeteria and seated in the corner then a bunch of High School guys came in and ask him to leave his seat “Hey, move! This is our spot” then they put their bags down the table and seated then Tyler was forced to stand up and find a different table to seat but all the tables are occupied in their small cafeteria but Harry saw Tyler standing and looking around so he said “Hey, you’re the guy from the Gym, right?” then Tyler said “Yes, you are the guy who…” then Harry said “Yes Harry! Do you need a table to eat?” and then Tyler said “I was seated there but those guys asked me to move” then Harry looked at the table that Tyler was pointing and said “alright let’s go there” then Harry started to walk towards the table and said “hi guys do you mind if we seat?” then the boys stood up and said “Sure Harry we are about to leave” then he looked at Tyler and smiled.

Although Harry was way much older than Tyler from then on, they became friends, like brothers actually. Tyler was not that friendly so he doesn’t have buddies in school. Unlike Harry, he was really popular in school. Harry likes being surrounded by people than in his alone time he likes to spend it with Tyler, it’s like his therapy talking to a younger guy who is very opposite of him the same thing with Tyler he feels so empowered when he is around Harry since he doesn’t really know how to deal with people Harry gives him confidence that he is not that so hard to accept and he is learning a lot from Harry about life.  


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Story about: angels, friendship, love and sacrifice

Edited: 05.07.2021

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